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Chicago, June 17, 2008

Waiting for my train, South Shore #12, scheduled to depart Carroll Avenue at Michigan City at 6:20am.

On the right, #12 arrives from South Bend as a two-car train. Six more cars headed by car 3, on the left, will be coupled to the rear, and the whole train will be pretty well filled by the time the last passengers board at Hegewisch, an hour and five minutes later.

Random shots taken while walking from the 57th Street Metra Station to the University of Chicago's Center for Advanced Medicine.

Downtown at the El station at Adams & Wabash

"But what about parking?" queried the car-dependent Hoosier in a quavering voice.

"Oh, there's plenty of parking," I replied.

"Just be prepared to pay for it!"

"Didn't you notice all the public transportation?" Silly Hoosier.

My time is at hand. To catch my train, that is.

People were dropping bills in this guy's bucket, and he was doing his best to give them their money's worth. Pretty good.

Back at Carroll Avenue, Michigan City. On time. Cost from Millennium Park Station, one way, senior fare: $3.90

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Awesome photos!

Thank you for not being a car dependent Hoosier
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