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Chicago Late Winter (photos)

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Rush Avenue Looking North

Michigan Avenue

Chicago Title

North LaSalle

Merchandise Mart El Stop

Playing Soccer and Dogs on a nice early spring 28F degree day...hey the sun is out

Chicago from the west side

Division from the Brown Line

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great pictures; I think that Skybridge has made a wonderful landmark for itself in the whole Greektown area.
ChicagoLover said:
Where is that park with the soccer and dogs?
That's Wells Park, up in Lincoln Square bounded by Lincoln, Montrose, Western and I think Sunnyside. I go to the field house to swim. Neat place in the summer too.
Wells Park looks great. I like the "gazebo."

I wonder what some of the people in the West Loop Gate association who had opposed Skybridge think now about having this architectural landmark.
Job well done!
A few more from this evening. Taken from 100 N. Riverside (Boeing Building).

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Nice pics, but how did you get up in the Boeing Building?

Demolish it!
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You're a talented photographer. I really enjoyed this set..
yea, great pics..
If you ask anybody what season this pic is taken in, they won't know it was taken in winter.
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Thanks so much for sharing those!!! I've been "out of town" since July...its so nice to see home.
Great photos. Since the last time I have been in Chicago, I have really noticed how nice the Chicago Title and Trust Building is.
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