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Chicago Rentals?

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Hey everyone, I work for a real estate consulting firm, and there is a strong possibility I'll be relocating again at the end of the month to Chicago. I'll be in town soon to check out apartments, and I thought what better place than SSC to find out where I should focus my attention. :)
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We in Chicago love to help newbies. BUT your request is TOO general. Please fill us in on what is important for you. What type of nieghborhood you would like, price range, car, no car, lake, no lake, you will work in the loop or out of the loop? Because with the information you have given me I know of a fantastic place in the Park Hyatt that rents for 10,000 a month.

And a similar thread has been going on for a week or so with another former so try this link
thanks, I'll check out the other thread.

Things that are important to me

Location, Location, Location - I want to be near the action... if not then transit needs to be near by. The office is located near the airport and the position requires a car, so I'll need parking. Mid-Rise/High-Rise building. Price - $900 to $1100 (or cheaper) 1bdrm 1bath.

My first choice was downtown, but what I've seen so far is a little out of my price range. :(

I noticed this is the third "I'm moving to Chicago" thread in the last two weeks. The economy must really be booming. I'll probably be working the city for 6 to 24 months. Beyond that, God knows.
Sorry. O'Hare
My best guess is Jefferson Park which is located at Northwest side from downtown Chicago. You can easily drive off to highway 90 leading to O'Hare. Also, that place has the Blue Line train station that can take you to O'Hare area, Bucktown/Wicker Park, and downtown Chicago. Oh, the rental in Jefferson Park is quite reasonable, mostly at your price range. You might be lucky to get 2 br for that same price. Hope it helps you plenty.
Maybe other forumers have better suggestions.
Anywhere from Uptown through Rogers Park.
You should be able to find something for your price range there. Directly on the Redline and Great Bus Service to downtown.

Jefferson Park is cool too...
Cool, thanks for the advice. I should be in town within the next couple of weeks. I'll let you know how it goes.
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