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CHICAGO | Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies | 161ft | 10 fl | Com

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Height: 161 ft
Floor count: 10
Location: 618 South Michigan
Construction end: 2007
Architect: Krueck + Sexton Architects
Developer: Unknown


This structure bears watching?

College Building Unique Addition to Michigan Ave.
By Mark Ruda
Last updated: February 21, 2005 08:04am

CHICAGO-Work is expected to begin this spring on an architecturally distinctive 138,000-sf building at 618 S. Michigan Ave. that will house Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies, as well as its museum and library. The cost reportedly is $55 million for the building designed by locally based Krueck & Sexton Architects, which will include an undulating glass curtain wall that will project five feet over the sidewalk.

The college will build on a 14,430-sf site immediately north of its current location. The 10-story building will house a 400-seat auditorium, the college’s Spertus Museum and Asher Library, a family center and administrative offices. A 5,515-sf “green roof” will top the building, which will have views of Grant Park and Lake Michigan. The project was recently endorsed by the city’s plan commission. “We look at this new facility as our gift to the city,” says Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies president and chief executive officer Dr. Howard A. Sulkin.

Department of planning and development officials note the building, expected to be completed in 2007, will complete the streetwall on its stretch of S. Michigan Avenue. They add the property’s current DX-16 zoning would allow for a 230,000-sf building, or 60% larger proposed by Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies.

Although school officials had expected to seek $3 million in tax increment financing to help pay for the project, they told the plan commission they expect to their own fund-raising efforts will be enough to pay for construction.
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This is good to hear. We hadn't had much news on Spertus in quite a while.

Here's a couple of renderings and a model-shot for anyone who's not familiar:

Although this much-anticipated building is only 10 floors, it exceeds the minimum height limit to be added as a "high-rise" building in the Emporis database. . . we'll be keeping a close eye on it and will have monthly construction photos as well. . .
Tom what is the minimum height limit and how tall is Spertus?
From emporis:

The cutoff between high-rise and low-rise buildings is 35 meters. This height was chosen based on an original 12-floor cutoff, used for the following reasons: 1) Twelve floors is normally the minimum height needed to achieve the physical presence which earns the name "high-rise"; 2) The twelve-floor limit represents a compromise between ambition and manageability for a worldwide database.
the best part about it is the new kosher deli there gonna have in there :)
^ Are you serious? A kosher deli? Oh, baruch hashem.
Here's the latest from the cRc on the prospects of a kosher deli in Spertus.

Hi! My name is Basya Israel. I work for the cRc and my husband, Yehoshua, works for Spertus. Yes, they are building a new building right next door to the current site and they are hoping to put a kosher deli in it. They have researched the requirements of a kosher kitchen so they can adjust the architectural plans accordingly. You have to understand though, that they are taking their time on this building. It's taken them a couple of years so far just to pick an architect and decide what usages they want the architect to design the building to accommodate. The kitchen is only one small piece of it. They're not sure if this kosher kitchen will be a deli open for lunch to the public, a caterer's commissary to take care of the food for internal Spertus functions, or what. They don't know what kind of demand, or lack thereof, they will face from the public for either a deli or a caterer. In the meantime, they haven't broken ground on the building yet (as far as I know) so we've got a few years until anything is actual.
October 2, 2005 through January 8, 2006

This fall, Spertus breaks ground on a new home, just north of its current Michigan Avenue location. In preparation, we have been exploring the stories buildings tell, and a new family-friendly exhibition opening this fall will help us share those stories with you.

Raise the Roof shares the inside scoop on building techniques from around the world, illustrated with interactive activities that allow you to create your own structures, investigate how buildings are designed to serve people’s needs, and discover some specific practices used in Jewish buildings.

Find out just how much you know — or don't know — about the world of buildings, while you learn about plans for the new Spertus.

Raise the Roof was produced by the Science Museum of Minnesota with support from the National Science Foundation. At Spertus Museum it is enhanced with displays created by the Spertus staff.

This fall, Spertus breaks ground on a new state-of-the-art facility, designed by the award-winning firm of Krueck & Sexton Architects. This building’s faceted glass facade, bathed in light by day and illuminating Grant Park at night, promises to express a bold reinterpretation of Michigan Avenue’s historic street wall when completed in 2007. In addition to providing enhanced space for Spertus exhibitions and programming, the building’s inviting and innovative architecture will communicate Spertus’ role as one of Chicago’s great public institutions, along the cultural corridor stretching from Millennium Park to the Museum Campus.
This new exhibition explores the way Jewish concepts of light are incorporated in the building design, bringing together working drawings and models with precious objects from the Spertus Museum collection to illustrate the significance of light to Jewish lore and practice. Come and explore the way building design can abstract ideas from Jewish tradition while creating a welcoming space for people of all backgrounds.

9/9/2005 - 1/2/2006
Windows of Light

618 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago IL 60605

10:00 AM

Contact: Susan Baum
Phone: (312) 322-1700
I wonder what Spertus will do with the old building. Will it go condo?
i always thought it was just an add-on not a move . but im probabley wrong.
then whats the point? its not like its any bigger of a building . they could have just as well renovated the old one?
On the website, it is mentioned that the new building is larger than the old. I suppose they wanted a spiffy new facility--who wouldn't? Maybe part of the plan is to use the proceeds from the sale of the old building to finance the new. Now that the southern part of Michigan is hot real estate, that property could command a good price. Of course, the property would require a substantial renovation, if not a tear-down. As I recall, the exterior of that building is rather unattractive. I'm surprised there haven't been any news reports about this buliding going condo or being torn down to build condos. The sale of the site to a developer could spark more controversy than Legacy did, given its location along the "cliff."
It is a bigger building. They wanted a showier location and building. Who can blame them?
I wouldn't be surprised if Columbia College buys the old building to expand. They have been rather aggresive in the South Loop in aquiring properties and land is only going to go up in price and get more scarce. Also, they already own buildings on both sides of Spertus.
Good news. It seems as though ground breaking will begin on the Spertus on Sunday I think. What a fine new building it shall be.

Reliable source?
spyguy999 said:
Good news. It seems as though ground breaking will begin on the Spertus on Sunday I think. What a fine new building it shall be.
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