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Chicago to Alabama Transportation Question

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Hey. In about a month, I plan on visiting Alabama--specifically, the Anniston area (Calhoun County). I don't have a car; I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a relatively cheap way to get out there. Amtrak and flying are upwards of $270. Are there any cheaper ways to get over there? Thanks.
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Greyhound is probably the cheapest. Its sure not fast, but will be a lot cheaper than anything else. Somehow it looks to be faster than Amtrak, despite stopping in a few dozen towns. I'm guessing the Amtrak route is a lot more miles and keep in mind that trains don't travel all that fast and of course Amtrak is always subject to delays. I've never had trouble with Greyhound, despite its reputation amongst some people.
Holy shit, dude. The 'ol lady's from Anniston. I'll be there in July. No good way to get there. If you are planning for the OHS 20 year reunion and want to fly to Atlanta, I might be able to give you a ride home. PM me.
Thanks for the suggestions everyone

@arren: I'll PM you
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