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Hey Chicago forumers and everyone,

Here is the second part of my fifth and final day in the Windy City during my Midwest U.S. trip in the Summer of 2013! This part of the Chicago trip focuses on the Hyde Park neighbourhood in Chicago's south side. Hyde Park is one of Chicago's most diverse neighbourhoods. It is home to, of note, the University of Chicago, the Robie House (a Frank Lloyd Wright designed landmark) and the Museum of Science and Industry.

The population of the neighbourhood is currently around 25,000.

Started on 53rd street, this is the new Harper Court Building

Hyde Park Bank Building

53rd street commercial district

Harper Theater, a movie house in Hyde Park]


United Church of Hyde Park

These homes are found on Woodlawn Avenue...

The Isidore Heller House, Prairie School house designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1897.

These tree-lined streets make Hyde Park a wonderful neighbourhood, IMHO… this very much resembles the urban places of my city, London, Ontario…

Historic St. Thomas the Apostle School

Hyde Park Union Church, built in 1926

Alumni House, part of the University of Chicago

The Robert A. Millikan House, a U.S. Landmark house that was home to the American physicist Robert A. Millikan, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1923. Prairie school architecture, the house was built in 1907.

The Arthur H. Compton house, another U.S. Landmark house, built for Arthur H. Compton, noted physicist who discovered the Compton Effect, proving light has a particle and wave aspect. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1927. The house was built in 1916.

Better angle of the house...

First Unitarian Church of Chicago

The Frederick C. Robie House, regarded as Frank Lloyd Wright's greatest Prairie-School style house. Built in 1909. I had the pleasure of touring the house that was designed for Frederick C. Robie, former assistant manager for the Excelsior Supply Company. He only lived here 14 months after financial problems and the death of his father.

Images from the tour I went on…

The unique iron doors...

The garage or stables turned into a gift shop...

After the tour… found the Frank R. Lillie House, another landmark home to famed American embryologist and zoologist Frank R. Lillie.


Front Door….


These homes are found on Kimbark Avenue…


Avant Garde
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I love Hyde Park. Surprised you didn't get a pic of Obama's house. Although you really cant' considering that it's under all sorts of heavy brush + secret service members. And the street is blocked off.

I tried to get a pic. This was my best effort.

Oh and this sign:

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^ I knew it was there, soup or man! I just didn't really want to get in trouble for going near that area. Besides, I also forgot exactly where it was. ;) Thanks for the comments on my pics! Hyde Park has got to be one of the finest urban neighborhoods in the U.S.!
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