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All photo's taken from my trip in April. Fantastic city, I loved it.

Coming into land over the Illinois coastline and Lake Michigan. It is simply amazing how big the lake is!

Some suburbs from plane

Views from hotel window

General views around town

The El

Under the El

I believe this was ABC (or some other channel) news in action drawing crowds

More buildings

Big John

Views from John Hancock observatory

Looking north

Looking west

Shame about the bottom corner of this photo

View of the loop from the (shitty) navy pier

I loved these bridges, reminded me of Al Capone/prohibition era

Mural in Pilsen

Around Chinatown

amusing crap in windows

Unloading golden lions

A few more

The End
Hope you enjoyed.
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a huge city indeed...
thx for sharing :cheers:
Great pictures! Thanks for sharing them.
Nice photos of the city. :)
cool. Never saw that before.

Yeah it was outside the modern art gallery (cant remember the street), pretty cool i thought.
^^ Museum of Contemporary Art.

So, I take it you weren't a fan of our Pier?
Yeah, you can't go to Chicago and not see Navy Pier! I've never actually seen Chicago's Chinatown...I didn't realize it was that established.
Well I just thought the Pier was uninteresting and slightly tacky. Was just like being on Brighton pier, which trust me is tacky. I'd rather see some real Chicago.
^You're not alone. There are plans to renovate it again, but that may take a while.
^^ Navy Pier sucks. It has nothing to do with Chicago, it's just a tourist trap. Now that I think about it Chicago is not the only major American city to have a waterfront tourist trap: NYC (South Street Seaport), SF (Fisherman's Wharf), Miami (Bayside Marketplace), etc.
^Los Angeles has Santa Monica Pier.
^^ Yes, of course, how could I forget. There's also Harborplace (Baltimore), Steel Pier (Atlantic City), Waterside (Norfolk, VA), Channelside (Tampa), Shoot the Freak (Brooklyn some time ago)

And of course, Downtown Disney which is the parody of Navy Pier.
Well one thing good about been on that pier are the great views of the skyline. So it is worth it to go there just for that. ;)
Yeah fantastic city. :yes:
Well one thing good about been on that pier are the great views of the skyline. So it is worth it to go there just for that. ;)
Seriously. The commercialization and tawdry atmosphere may suck but the views surely do not and are worth the price alone.
Chicago looks so amazing, i will visit this city for sure.

Thanks for sharing your pictures, they are great!

Did this trailer fall down from one of these parking garages? :

I would not be surprised .
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