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Children's Hospital eyes South Lake Union site for $40M

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From today's PSBJ:

Children's Hospital eyes South Lake Union site for $40M

It will be interesting to see what they will do with this lot. I would imagine it would be lab space similar to what they have across the street. Definitely another nice step in densification for this area if this goes forward.
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BellevueBoy, maybe Touchstone will still develop it for Children's. It seems like the kind of project that they'd want.
Well, ten years or not, other developers will now know what's going on around the area. Between the Fred Hutchinson, UW and Children's, Xymogenetics, and other biotechs, the market is going to perhaps get to a critical mass, creating the biotech hub everybody has been seeking. Other developers and institutions will definitely pay attention to this. The interesting thing for Children's Hospital doing all of this acquisition is that they really seem to be advancing their research efforts greatly over their recent past. Good for them, and for us.

I only wish that the commons had passed several years ago. I'm rather apprehensive about whether we'll have many public amenities. I'm also rather glad that Cornish has moved into the area. At first I found the siting strange, but its good to have a Arts College intermixed with all of the science. It should add some dynamism.

Also, my prediction is that once the street car gets running, we're going to have all of the neighborhoods clamoring to get their own streetcar lines. I know that Sound Transit has said they'll extend the waterfront streetcar to Broadway and Aloha if the next round passes, but my prediction is that this is just the beginning for Seattle.
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