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Children's Hospital eyes South Lake Union site for $40M

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From today's PSBJ:

Children's Hospital eyes South Lake Union site for $40M

It will be interesting to see what they will do with this lot. I would imagine it would be lab space similar to what they have across the street. Definitely another nice step in densification for this area if this goes forward.
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anyone know if there used to be a street car line down broadway before they tore out all of the street cars?

it seems like a streetcar would be a great way to feed the light rail station. Especially with only one station planned in the area.
Nice. Great site too.

Thanks Seasun!
I found this old map that appears to show streetcar routes as of 1909 as heavy black lines. Appears to have one on Broadway.
specific map:

general site of old maps is pretty cool:
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