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CHINA - Stadium and Arena Development News

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Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre,China

Nanjing Olympic Center
built in 2005, stadium capacity 68000, arena 13000

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Any internal pictures of the 15,000 seater indoor stadium? Looks an amazing project, though. :)
^^ Thanks. Hmmm, so the actual pool inside the 15,000 seater indoor stadium will be a temporary one? That would certainly make sense, but does Shanghai really need yet another big indoor arena, I mean, especially after the recently constructed Mercedes-Benz Arena?

A fire erupted this morning (March 28) at approximately 8.30am at the home of Shanghai Shenhua: Hongkou Stadium. It was put out at around 9.30am.

Once completed, the Olympic Sports Center in Zhengzhou will be used for holding the 11th National Traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Meeting. This sports center will be Zhengzhou’s landmark building in the future.

Works will soon start to build an entirely new Shanghai International Gymnastic Center after the previous one was demolished in late 2018.

The new center will be a stadium complex with three floors above the ground and four below.

It will be able to hold a maximum of 5,611 spectators and around 515 cars.

The first and second floors above the ground will house an indoor stadium while a number of game courts will be on the third floor.

A fitness center and office space will be available on the lower ground floor 1 and 2. A parking lot, equipment and admin rooms will be on the lower ground floor 3 and 4.

The new center will be able to host higher level international sports events as well as serve as a major exercise site for locals.
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Zhaoqing New Area Sports Center

Completed on March 28, 2018, the football field has a total construction area of 48517.77 square meters, with 20,000 seats in the spectator area, a total of 5 floors on the professional football field, and a building height of about 48m. The overall viewability is high. Known as "Guangdong's first professional football stadium".

Easier to build loads of stadiums when materials, land and wages is cheaper than it is in the UK. Plus, these stadiums are generally financed and backed by the state/local authorities.
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A major new sports and leisure campus for the city of Rizhao in Eastern China. The city, one of a core group of locations chosen to promote sports, healthy living, and the development of football in China, has also been selected as one of the hosts for the twenty-fifth Shandong Games due to be held in 2022.

Comprising state-of-the-art facilities for community and elite athlete use, the campus is located across three sites. The full masterplan encompasses a 12,000 capacity stadium, training facilities, an e-sport arena, and hotel/retail developments.

Quzhou Stadium

The future arena:


Pingliang City Sports Park project covers a total area of 450.3 acres, and the estimated total investment of the project is 1.634 billion yuan. The project mainly includes sports stadiums and sports parks. The main construction is a stadium, a gymnasium, a swimming pool and a sports park. With a total construction area of 90419 square meters, it is expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

The sports center is the main venue for Yueyang to host the opening and closing ceremonies of the 14th Provincial Games in 2022.

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Shenzhen starts construction of 10,000 football stadium:

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