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CHINA - Stadium and Arena Development News

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Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre,China

Nanjing Olympic Center
built in 2005, stadium capacity 68000, arena 13000

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china will likely get one of next two world cups to be given. I wonder how many track and field stadiums will be included in the bid! that configuration seems to be standard in china.
I assume final will be played in birds nest and thats fine, but the rest will be very very interesting!
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is there a thread for hangzhou stadium? the one I found has hardly any picture. the only decent pictures may be found in this thread!
Even then, the World Cup is a different beast to the Asian Cup. Maybe Bird's Nest at a stretch, but I'd expect to see rectangular stadiums otherwise.
I agree, they have the money and the resources to build brand new ones, and in very quick time if needed. I have a feeling that the venues being built for the Asian Cup are a stepping stone to a WC bid because there isn't really any other reason to build them - all the nominated cities have sufficient and very modern stadiums to comfortably host the Asian Cup. The prime examples here are Xi'an, Dalian and Wuhan. Xi'an is well into the construction of a 60,000 seater, Dalian opened a 61,000 seater in 2013, and Wuhan opened a 30,000 seater this year. The one city I find a little amusing is Chengdu - they were renovating the city's main stadium for the 2021 Summer Universiade, and after ripping up the turf in the centre of the stadium they discovered ruins of a lost 1,000 year temple! So work has halted on that project, and a new football stadium in the north is now well under construction!
we saw that stadiums do not mean a lot in case of 2026, if world cup in a particular country is expected to create enough cash FIFA will accept anything, no roofs, viewing obstructions, stadiums in the middle of nowhere, athletic tracks and anything else!

of course, 2026 world cup had no real competition, maybe in 2030 or 2034 it might look different and china might decide to go with football stadiums ... who knows...
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cool thing! btw, I have been to China several times and not only in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, but I never heard of most of those cities :colgate:

do you know how many of those stadiums are in football configuration and how many with athletic track?
I hate track and field stadiums for football. I hope china don't get it with the stadiums they now have.
FIFA will go where the biggest moeny is, and that is China. We'll find out about stadiums when the bid book is published, we are still far away from that, several years at least!
Noone knows what FIFA may arrange with them ... anything is possible!
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great! just keep on going! amazing work!!

you said you’ve got something simmilar for US?
Unless Covid 20-25 wipes them out I am absolutely sure China will not only get World Cup 2030 or 2034 but also build all true football stadiums for that occasion. Perhaps they might include Bird‘s Nest due to its iconic status, but apart from that I expect to see stadiums without race tracks. Guangzhou monster or whatever else!
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nothing‘s wrong with old trafford.

ok, that top tier of north stand sucks but that doesn‘t really matter
Also, I am very sorry that the People's Republic of China was forced to pull out of hosting next year's AFC Asian Cup, especially with its preparations being so well-advanced. I don't know what would be a good replacement with just a year before the tournament, or if China will get to a point where it'll be able to host the 2027 edition. This feels like when China had to pull out of hosting the 2003 FIFA Women's World Cup due to the SARS outbreak and had to wait for the 2007 edition. Plus, the reconstruction of Workers Stadium will be all for naught if it really does get passed over for the Beijing National Stadium by any China FIFA World Cup bid committee.😢
noone forced them anything, it was their own choice due to their own politics!
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