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>>>> April 2014 Update

What am I including? Any proper supertall (that excludes antennas, tv towers, bridges...) in Greater China Region.

1) Status
Concept = Vague proposals, reserved plots, etc. I'm not covering more than 30% of these.
Announced = Just a press release, no images (no thread in SSC). I'm not covering more than 50% of these.
Proposed = We have seen images or we know the architect.
Ground works = Demolition, digging, etc.
Foundation = Piling, underground construction, etc.
On hold = Construction stopped for several months.
Rising, T/O, Built = No need to explain :D

2)Missing projects. I'm not including unreliable proposals, stale proposals (projects we haven't seen news about for 2 or more years), etc. I removed over 40 projects from my previous list (which I posted back in 2011). That doesn't mean all of those removed projects are actually dead. From time to time, a forgotten proposal is approved and started many years after it was originally announced.

3)Concept proposals. I listed as such any concept/long term project (mainly reserved plots), but I missed tens of them. I don't think we need to cover those till we get some. Maybe it's a little pointless including concept proposals for some cities and not for others, but I just haven't time to track every reserved plot in the whole country. If we included every concept proposal I think I could add over 50-60 extra towers.

4)300m~ towers. Yup, those ones are gone. At the bottom of my lists I used to include an endless list of 300m~ projects. I don't think we should expect a tower to be a supertall till we actually know it is, so I removed every non certain 300m+ (around 20 towers).

5)Shenzhen. Yes, I know I'm over-covering Shenzhen. I'm including absolutely every reserved plot for this city. Deal with it :D

6)Are they going to build every listed project?. Of course not. Some may be cancelled, revised downards (or upwards, lol), etc. In general I'd expect this:
- Every project by Evergrande and Henderson is unlikely to be built. These are troll developers and they never start any supertall they announce. Maybe they will build some, or maybe not. Even if they actually build their projects, these are likely to be drastically revised downwards.
- Any project in a second/third tier city by a non powerful developer could become a never built project.






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sweet, that gives me motivation to do a round check for SSP diagrams if everything is on there :cheers:

and taiwan tower in taichung is a tower not a building, at least it used to be when it had the very wide design
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no it says he is excluding them. otherwise canton tower would also be featured along the other 8 or so currently supertall towers in china

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