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Chinese cities subway plan

Beijing 2008
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Thanks for the maps and yes China is finally on an unprecedented urban transit building boom.

However, without some construction details (which line when and dates, confirmed vs planned) and in english it is hard for all of us to fully understand. Info on Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing are on but info on the other would be appreciated.
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The Beijing and Shanghai plans are HUGE!!! Very nice to see that China's subway systems are being broadened to match those in Europe and the more developed nations of Asia. I'm also pleased to see of Harbin and Qingdao's subway plans...

What other Chinese cities are planning to build subways systems?
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China's 1st Overhang Maglev Passes Test Run

China's first overhang rail maglev train passes test run
13 May 2005
Xinhua's China Economic Information Service

BEIJING, May 13 (CEIS) -- The first Chinese-made overhang rail maglev train passed test run on May 12 in Dalian, northeast China's Liaoning Province.

The test train, "Zhonghua No. 6," is designed to run at a top speed of 400 kilometers per hour being overhanged from the track above,unlike other prototypes that are levitated above the rail and propelled forward by magnetic forces.

The new model, completely designed and developed by China itself, is 9.6 meters long, 1.65 meters wide and 1.87 meters high.With a designed transportation capacity of 80,000 passengers and 48,000 tons of cargo per hour, the train is designed for traffic between large and medium-sized cities.

The overhang rail technology applied to "Zhonghua No. 6" is expected to help reduce potential traffic accidents, said Li Lingqun, chief scientist of the team that developed the train.

China's first self-made maglev train "Zhonghua No. 1" made debut in Dalian in October last year after 16 years of research. The train is designed to run at a low speed of less than 110 kilometers per hour for urban traffic.
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It looks rediculous and inpractical. Why the hell is it that shape. What a stupid shape for a train.
Looks hard to board - look at the stairs you have to step up on. PLus you could hit your head on the door.
is there any advantage to having it like that :? or is it a case of "look what i can do" :/
well the design of the train is just a prototype, so once the bugs are iron out in the system, thats is when we'll see the actually train for passengers and cargo.

Upside down does have some advantages such as it doesn't need continuously levtiation above the track to run while the upside down one just hangs, requiring less energy.

well, I'm probably sure there are more reason, but i'll let an engineer explain it. :)
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looks like a roller coaster
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