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China's Insane Intersections and Crosswalks

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I've traveled around in lots of places in China and each Chinese Intersection is too big and a deathtrap. I've have also looked at google earth and tried to find the most insane crosswalks.
Since I am chinese I want China to have the best of everything but the planners just don't get it, they don't do it right they do it insane.
How is an old chinese woman, young child, or anyone for that matter suppose to walk a distance of 78 meters in an intersection with the lethal Chinese traffic where in most poor cities you can get a driving license as long as you know how to start your vehicle.

This is one in Lincang Yunnan Province, it's only a few years old and they build this in the 21st century.
There's no area to rest in the middle, just cross 8-10 lanes in one go or die.

Zhengzhou Henan Province new cbd area

Zhengzhou Henan Province new cbd area.
Try walking a crosswalk the size of a football field

Zhengzhou Cbd area.
Here is a sample you can make your own corrections.

Here is my own little MSpaint fix on how I think it should be corrected.
The Chinese city planners have made it easy for cars to take short cuts and the area where you are supposed to wait for traffic is too dangerous because you stand in the way for many cars/careless drivers. It is insane to cross 10 lanes in one go, or having to wait dangerously in the middle without an pedestrian only area. The barrier in the middle have to been extended.

In most parts of the world, europe, south america, middle east, usa, japan you would never create intersections and crosswalks like this, these are communist inspired city planning. I've spent a lot of time in Europe and the cities are much better for pedestrians, We have to change this in China.

The central goverment should open IIACIA(insane intersection and crosswalk inspection agency). And employ a group of experts to tackle and rebuild/correct the problem. They will save the lives of 100's if not 1000's chinese lives a year. And it will result in less traffic accidents on intersections.

This thread might just be my own personal rant but I seriously think this is a serious problem.
What do you think? Have you been to China? How did you experience it?
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Good work Sergei the way you put together a sketch on how to improve the road. I agree with you, some of the intersections in China are not designed to be crossed in that fashion. Too wide and too dangerous and all the buildings are too spread out. Hopefully they'll build more pedestrian overpass. It may be your "rant" but at least there is a purpose to it. Thanks :)
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