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chinese clothes fabrics 广州的衣服工厂

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chinese clothes factories 广州的服装厂

clothes factories in guangzhou which i visited in july 2005. my friend showed me around and i just took some pictures. i just went there for fun and it was very interesting to see some of the factories. mostly its just a small cellar with a few machines but the smallest one produces 3000pieces at least per day. 广州的服装厂

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for more pics visit my blog: ( sorry its blocked for china mainland :sleepy: because it's a google product...soon i am going to change the blog community )
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tiger said:
对...怎么了??不对吗? :?
lychee said:
对...怎么了??不对吗? :?
当然不对,应该叫服装厂. :runaway: :sleepy:
哦好啊..对不起我的汉语不太好啊....我都忘了因为很多年没有学习啊啊..我就会说随便的话不懂产业字....可是很快我去中国定居然后肯定好好学汉语... :nuts:
China has made too much clothes that exceed the need of the world


China need some other contribute to the world ,,,,,,,,just as the software in india

Change China quickly or it will due to more weast
chery .............. :weirdo:
proud of China
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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