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Chinese Hospital - 845 Jackson | 43 M | 140 FT | 8 FL | San Francisco | U/C

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Chinese Hospital Design Tweaks "Respond to Cultural Context"

The new Chinese Hospital project was approved back in 2012, but this week the Planning Commission will check in with the project's design. The approvals came with a condition that the project sponsor work with Planning staff to refine materials, design, streetscaping, and open space plans "to respond to the cultural context." The new design details by MEI Architects and Cliff Lowe Architects is definitely aiming to add a Chinatown vibe to the previous glass box design by Jacobs Architects. The presentation to the Planning Commission is just informational, so they won't actually vote on anything.

The old, historic Chinese Hospital building has already been demolished.
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This thing isn't just approved. I actually thought it was complete which is why I didn't start a thread--figured it was too late. I'm still not 100% sure of the status but it's certainly U/C:

With the birthplace of Bruce Lee having been demolished and construction of the new Chinese Hospital at 835 Jackson Street underway, the designs for the new hospital’s façade and alleyway have been “enhanced” to be a bit more hospitable.

The north elevation includes revisions to the terraces to add more planters, remove stairs, and add natural stone pavers. Low-relief medallions designed with Chinese iconography have been added at the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th floors. The stair glazing on the north elevation has been revised to incorporate silkscreen historic images of the old hospital.

The project is seen here in the background (that's the new Central Subway Chinatown station going up--or is it down?--in the foreground).
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