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Interesting to see how many things were invented or discovered in China a long time ago.

Acupuncture (580 BC)

Anatomy (11th Century AD)

Axial rudder (1st Century AD)

Ball bearings (2nd Century BC)

Belt drive (5th Century BC)

Blast Furnace (3rd Century BC)

Calipers (AD 9)

Cast iron (5th Century BC)

Chain drive (AD 976)

Chess (4th Century BC)

Compass, magnetic Needle (AD 1088)

Crop rotation (6th Century BC)

Crossbow (5th Century BC)

Dating of trees by number of rings (12th Century AD)

Dominoes (AD 1120)

Draw loom (1st Century AD)

Explanation of Camera Obscura (AD 1086)

Fertilizers (2nd Century BC)

Firecrackers (AD 290)

Folding chairs (3rd Century AD)

Grafting (AD 806)

Gunpowder (12th Century AD)

Handgun (AD 1128)

Kite (4th Century BC)

Lacquer (13th Century BC)

Operations using negative numbers (1st Century AD)

Paper (300 BC)

Toilet paper (AD 589)

Parachute principle (8th Century AD)

Playing cards (AD 969)

Reel on fishing rod (3rd Century AD)

Relief maps (AD 1086)

Rotary fan (1st Century BC)

Seawalls (AD 80)

Sterilization by steaming (AD 980)

Stirrup (AD 300)

Toothbrush (9th Century AD)

Two-stage rockets (AD 1360)

Vinegar (2nd Century BC)

Weather vane (120 BC)
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