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Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank Financial Building (CQRB)

Chongqing, China

The 42-story tower and podium building house a bank headquarters, banking hall, and bank support spaces. The design reflects the banking institutions ideals of strength and solidity as well as their desire for an iconic, modern, high-rise building. The tower and podium are sited on the north side of the site in order to create a large, formal, civic plaza that fronts the building. The subtle tapered tower is sheathed in an elegant overlapping stone and glass facade system. The overlapping horizontal stone spandrels that make up the facade gradually diminish in with at each floor level as the tower gets taller, revealing more glass at the top of the tower and enhancing views from the upper floors. The overlapping nature of the facade system lightens the building visually, and provides self shading to reduce the solar heat gain on the building by over 60% when compared to a conventional “flat” façade system. This reduced heat gain substantially reduces energy consumption required to cool the building. Together with a raised floor air distribution system and a self shading facade, the design takes full advantage of integrated performance based design solutions.

Project Facts

Site Area: 7,596 m2
Project Area: 97,367 m2
Building Height: 218 m
Number of Stories: 42

They are digging at the plot. I'll to find pics later.

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turned out quite nice. the cladding is good :cheers:
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