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Sun Valley:450m+, 100 floors; 4x200m+, 50+ floors. Yingli Properties' tallest project in town. Officially announced to be composed by one tower of 100 floors and another four above 50. The design is likely to be rather conceptual, and the outcome is expected to be drastically revised downwards. This project is located in Jiangbei district, next to Future International tower. Several on going projects by Yingli properties within the area were merged into this single large development.

First tower of Sun Valley : TianHe Tower 3 designs

second tower released


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Yes, cool 385m :banana: :banana:
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here we go

its the final

just the top still has 2 pros

almost the same

in fact its like nyny tower a lot

but much much higher

here is the large pix

ive resized them

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how many?
Hard to say, many heights are unknown. Here is a list of the highest projects on going in CQ.

Further info (renders, etc) at Chongqing projects thread:

[Jiefangbei] Yingli Tower (330m-350m; 75~ floors): Final version expected to be launched this month, height probably 330m.

[Jiangbei] Yingli Tower (385m+; 81 floors): Yingli Properties' latest project. To be built next to Future International.

Global Financial Building (330m~; 70~ floors): Final design unreleased, supposed to be launched soon.

Century Star Plaza (2x350-400m, 4x200-280m~; 2x80-95 floors, 4x50-75 floors): Same story. Final design unreleased, latest proposals simply crazy.

Jialing Fanying (398m; 98 floors): Scheduled to be started before the end of 2007. Shui On Land has just announced it will be "above 100 floors", so they might change the design.

Marriott Center (398m; 80 floors): After being on hold due to constant height increases, it should be resummed soon.

Artificial Tower (used to be 200m; 50~ floors): The project (currently a huge hole) was sold and some people said it would become a supertall. Height increase is confirmed, but few chances to become so tall.

Yuzhou Hotel (308m, 70~ floors): Under redesign, final height expected to be around 310m.

Hongyadong Phase II (300m~; 65+ floors): Just a concept proposal, no design released by the moment.

Park Place Twin Towers (2x305m; 70+ floors): Still too little information, final proposal unreleased.

West Asia Hotel (298m; 68 floors): Final height unconfirmed.

Huangedu Tower 1 (300m~; 68~ floors): Vague proposal for Nanbin area. Still no info.

Triumph Tower (280m+; 75 floors): Proposal next to Century Star Plaza, very little info.

Paradise Beyond the River Hotel (280m+; 68 floors): Final design unreleased, might be a little taller.

Nanbin Tower (300m~; 67+ floors): We don't know almost anything about this project. One proposal shows a 70+ floor tower around 330m, the other shows a 67 floor twin tower project over 280m. Probably the final plan will be another.

Poly Tower (290m; 60 floors): Definitive design, construction has just started.

Nanan CBD Supertall (300m+): Just a concept proposal by the moment.

Jiangbei CBD Supertalls (2x300m+): More concept proposals.
More about these (renders, etc) and many other projects at CQ projects thread:
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