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Chongqing: little brother of new york

Chongqing is a major city in Southwest China and one of the five national central cities in the People's Republic of China (PRC). Administratively, it is one of the PRC's four direct-controlled municipalities (the other three are Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin), and the only such municipality in inland China.

Chongqing has a significant history and culture and serves as the economic centre of the upstream Yangtze basin. It is a major manufacturing centre and transportation hub;

• Municipality 82,403 km2 (31,816 sq mi)
• Urban 5,472.8 km2 (2,113.1 sq mi)
Elevation 237 m (778 ft)
Population (2010)
• Municipality 28,846,170
• Density 350/km2 (910/sq mi)
• Urban 7,457,589
Demonym Chongqinger
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
GDP 2013
- Total CNY 1.27 trillion
US$ 207.18 billion (23rd)
- Per capita CNY 43,197
US$ 7,047 (13th)
HDI (2010) 0.689[5] (17th) — m


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Nice too hear from you, I'm Serious.....:hmm:..The skyline is very impressive, and to think that 50 years ago it was empty of high-rises/skyscrapers, like much of China..:nuts::eek:hno::nuts::eek:hno::nuts:
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