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Chongqing Planning and Exhibition Center. The city model shows a concept idea of the future of Chongqing. Most important skyscrapers aren't added until they have a definitive design. Therefore, you wont find here more than some of the main projcets on going in town.

Jiefangbei Main Projects. Jiefangbei is the main skyline of Chongqing. However, since there are new projects being added or revised every month, this chart is already outdated.

Nanping Main Projects. One of the many booming skylines in Chongqing city.

200m+ List.

Magic Mountains. This masterplan is a vision project for Jiangbei New City, tallest "mountains" would be 350m tall. Although the full version of the project has no chances to be built, it’ possible that they'll construct a part of it.

Jiangbei New City CBD Supertalls: 1x500m, 1x380m, 1x360m. The second core of Chongqing CBD has seen a recent increase about the maximum heights for its landmark projects, located respectively at plots A13, A07 and A11. Formerly, Jiangbei highest were planned to reach 300m, 350m and 240m, the plan has just been changed. It also includes another 5x200m+ towers. Designs haven't even started, just a conceptual plans by the moment.

Sun Valley:450m+, 100 floors; 4x200m+, 50+ floors. Yingli Properties' tallest project in town. Officially announced to be composed by one tower of 100 floors and another four above 50. The design is likely to be rather conceptual, and the outcome is expected to be drastically revised downwards. This project is located in Jiangbei district, next to Future International tower. Several on going projects by Yingli properties within the area were merged into this single large development.

Chongqing Tiandi : 443m, 102 floors; 260m~, 52 floors; 190m+. This is Chongqing's tallest project approved by the moment and it is scheduled to be started within the end of 2008. The project has been designed by KPF and will be developed by Shui On Land. Located at Hualongqiao district.

ASE Center : 428m, 88 floors; 293m, 61 floors; 234m, 69 floors; 201m, 58 floors; 193m, 55 floors After countless revisions, the final version of this enormous project by Taiwan ASE Group is being decided at last.It will be composed by 5 towers only. The three shortest highrises will be residential, the two tallest will be used for offices and hotels. The heights of the two main buildings isn’t final and they are expected to be revised upwards to 460m+ and 300m+ as the developer wants to make it taller than Chongqing Tiandi project. The final version has been designed by Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man studio.

Marriott Center: 398m, 80 floors. Formerly known as Wanmao Center, this project is the highest in Jiefangbei CBD. It also registers a record in height modifications, 168m to 276m, 298m, 335m, 339m, 330m, 320m, 357m, 375m, 377m and finally 398m. Construction works, still around 8 floors, has been on hold for a year due to the last height increases and needed reconfiguration. Final version is expected to be launched on October 2008, the height might be revised again to 405m.

Financial Street Project: 7x180-350m Latest supertall development released in Chongqing. Located in Jiefangbei area, this monster project includes one supertall and at least another 5 towers above 200m. It remains unclear whether International Mansion plot is included in the plan. The masterplan was designed by KPF.

Global Financial Building: 330m, 79 floors. Another of the supertalls packed in Jiefangbei core. This project has changed once and again not only its design, whose first versions were well below 300m, but also the name. From Lifan Edifice to Fortune Center, Chongqing World Financial Center and currently Global Financy Center. The final project was designed by C.Y. Lee.

Hongyadong Phase 2: 320m+, 68 floors. The second phase of this traditional style commercial development will include a supertall according to every known proposal. One of these proposals also includes another 2 towers of 200m+ and 150m+.

Yingli Tower: 320m, 72 floors. After two years of countless changes, this tower located just next to Marriott Center will be started within the end of 2008. Developed by Yingli Properties.

Yuzhou Hotel: 308m, 76 floors. Another of the long awaited supertalls in Jefangbei, Yuzhou Hotel rebuilt was expected to reach just around 200m at first, but the project was revised once and again to reach 300m. Final design probably unreleased, it will be probably revised back below 300m.

Chongqing Moi City: 300m+, 75~ floors; 200m+, 65~ floors. Moi developer's first project in town, it was early announced as an average 200m+ project, but latest releases confirm another huge skyscraper which might be even above 350m due to the spire. Located in Jiangbei district.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Building: 300m+, 75~ floors; 200m+, 50~ floors; 160m+; 150m+. Some years ago some unclear huge proposals were released for this project. In early 2008 a new version likely to be developed by ICBC bank is out as they are planning to rebuild the old ICBC building over the area. Still no official news about this project.

Newport International Towers: 300m+, 73~ floors; 200m+, 40+ floors. This project is located next to ASE Center and is being developed by Taizheng Group. JP Morgan Chase is known to be among the investors. Formerly known a Triumph Tower.

Danzishi Supertall: 300m+. Danzishi is expected to host the third phase of Chongqing CBD after Jiefangbei and Jiangbei New City. The concept renders schedule a supertall project there and probably some towers above 200m as well.

Park Place: 2x300m~, 71 floors and 2x200m~, 40 floors. Located in Jiangbei CBD, this proposal might be drastically cut due to height limits. According to the these limits, the final project might be just three towers of 250m, 150m and 124m.

West Asia Hotel: 297m, 68 floors; 240m, 48 floors. Already under construction, this one is Dadukou district’s tallest projectl approved by the moment.

Chongqing Poly International Tower: 290m, 60 floors. Located at the plot formerly occupied by Chongqing Guest House in Jiefangbei. This is the second project in town by Politec Group. Foundation works are taking place and it is expected to start rising in late 2008.

First Block: 290m~, 68 floors Not much is known yet about this new biggie. Supposed to be approved.

International Mansion: 288m, 72 floors. Another Jiefangbei project repeatedly delayed due to design changes and height increases. It has been recently relaunched after its last revision, but new looking still unknown.

World Trade Center Chongqing: 283m, 60 floors. Currently Chongqing's tallest skyscraper, it was finished in 2005 becoming one of the most famous landmarks of the city. In the heart of Jiefangbei CBD, it's reign well be shadowed in a few years by a large number of higher towers projected around the area.

Nanbin CITIC Plaza: 280m+, 68 floors; 200m+, 48 floors. Huge project proposed for Nanping skyscraper area, possible supertall. Other proposals are just 200m~. Formerly known as Huangedu Towers.

Bund on the 1st : 2x280m+, 58 floors Twin project released by Taizheng Group. JP Morgan Chase is known to be among the investors.

Guobin City: 275m+, 70~ floors. Early design for a coming masterplan composed by tens of residential highrises in addition to the main tower.

Da Song Tiandi: 275m~, 67 floors. Daping district tallest project by the moment.

Lijing International: 275m+. Another of the projects developed by Taizheng Group.

Paradise Beyond the River Hotel: 275m~, 66 floors. The main tower of this large project hasn't released its final design, which is expected to be around 275m. The 3 residential towers of 207m and 54 floors were completed in 2005.

Lanko International Conference Center: 258m, 52 floors; 163m, 30 floors; 142m, 32 floors; 128m, 30 floors. Located in Nanping area, Lanko Conference complex is one of the largest complexes currently under construction in Chongqing. Lanko Grand Hyatt Hotel, 258m and 56 floors, has been finished already.

Asia Pacific Town: 250m+, 60 floors; 20~x100m~ Under preparation in Nanping, there are several proposals for this large multi-tower development. The final outcome remains unclear. One of the proposals includes a second tower above 200m.

North New Zone Spiral Towers: 2x250m+. Strange proposal in north Chongqing, very few chances.

Chongqing Yangjiawan Project: 250m+, 60+ floors. Still very conceptual, no info by the moment.

The Bamboo Tower Hotel: 250m+. Out of this world project for Chongqing North New Zone, no news for a long time. Height supposed to be increased if relaunched.

Neo China Top City: 242m, 54 floors; 165m, 38~ floors; 6x100m~, 30~ floors. This project purchased by Sheraton Hotels is almost finished already.

Fuzhou City: 240m+, 62 floors. Large development recently announced.

Xinhua International Building : 240m, 53 floors. Located at Jiefangbei CBD core, this tower has been resumed after being on hold for many years. Foundation works are almost finished and it will start rising in late 2008.

Future International: 236m, 50 floors. Located in Jiangbei, this project was completed in early 2007.

New York New York Tower: 228m, 46 floors. Finished in 2004 in Jiefangbei, it became Chongqing's first tallest 200m+ skyscraper. Developed by Yingli Properties.

Shanghai City Hotel: 220m+, 65 floors. The boxiest design in Chongqing, should be started soon.

MOCO Center: 220m, 55 floors; 2x100m+. Longhu Properties latest project. This amazing complex has been started already.

Nanan Sports Center Phase 2: 220m, 50 floors. Supposed to be approved, no details yet..

Sun City: 220m, 45 floors; 100m+, 30~ floors. Recently started.

Sheraton International Center & Hotel: 218m, 47 and 42 floors; 2x30+ floots. Already topped out, this project built by Taizheng Group will be finished in a couple of months.

Kempinski Hotel: 217m, 57 floors Boxy one in Nanping skyscraper area. Construction to be started soon.

Jahoo Hong Kong City: 210m, 56 floors; 6x28 floors. Another large project being topped out in a short time.

Tianyuan Redevelopment: 2x200m+, 60+ floors.. No details by the moment.

Yangjiaping China Resources Building: 200m+, 60~ floors. Recent proposal, no info available.

Tongjufu Plaza: 200m+, 58 floors. Project in Jiangbei district, next to L Place twins. Still very conceptual.

Chongqing Gate Twin Towers: 2x200m+, 56 floors. Twin tower project recently relaunched in Yuzhong.

Huanghua International Mall: 200m+, 55~ floors; 4x35 floors. Big project recently started in Jiangbei.

Hyatt Hotel: 200m+, 53 floors. This hotel project has been recently revised upwards to 53 floors. No images of the new version have been released.

Chang Long –Chu Shui Furong: 3x 200m+, 53 floors Triplet residential towers planned in Nanan district.

Shangri-La Hotel: 200m+, 50 floors. Still very conceptual, one of the four Shangri-La hotels projected in Chongqing. The designs for the other three are totally unknown by the moment.

Crowne Plaza: 2x200m+, 50 floors. Twin tower project next to Sheraton twins in Nanan. Foundation works have been started.

The Wharft Project: 2x200m+, 50 floors. The Wharf Group has just released the design of its project in Jiangbei New City CBD. It is expected that more highrises will be added in further phases as the developer purchased 4 plots.

Chongqing Exhibition International: 2x200m+, 50~ floors Twin tower project developed by Taizheng group recently released..

Guanghua International Community: 200m+, 50~ floors. Large residential project developed by overseas Guanghua Group.

Century Emperor: 200m+, 47 floors. This project will be topped out soon. It remains unclear whether it will finally be above 200m.

Fashion City: 200m+, 42~ floors. Very unknown project.

Sinoland Project: 200m+. The second phase of this project developed by Sinoland will include a skyscraper above 200m according to official plans.

Sunshine 100 Nanbin: 200m, 53 floors; 12~x100m~, 30~ floors. Huge residential project almost finished in Nanbin road. Main tower (hotel) to be started soon.

North International Center: 200m, 48 floors Newly released and already under construction, this project also includes 11 residential highrises above 100m.

Nanbin Longxin Towers: 3x200m~, 53 floors. Large residential project developed by Henderson Land in Nanbin road, still no images.

Qiu Shui Chang Tian: 200m~, 50 floors. Large residential project developed by Huayu group in Shabingba, almost finished.

Yubei Bus and Railway Station: 200m~. Concept proposal for a transport hub located at Yubei district.

Capecoral Project: 3x180m+, 58 floors. Huge residential project in Jiangbei composed by numerous towers already under construction.

Riverside City Garden: 180m+, 45 floors; 9x100m~. Recently started, this is one of the most amazing residential developments in Chongqing. Developed by China Merchants.

Jinrongjie Group Project: 2x180m+. Concept design for another twin project in Jiangbei district. The final version is being designed by SOM.

Since Group Tower: 180m, 40+ floors. Art Deco residential tower recently launched for Yuzhong district.

9th Street Project: 175m+, 48 floors; 100m+, 36 floors. Recently released.

L Place : 2x175m, 35 floors. Developed by Langshan Hotels, these twins have been recently started.

Sunshine 100 Jiangbei: 175m+, 40 floors. Large residential project in Jiangbei district.

Kingrun Apartments: 175m+. Residential tower, very unknown project.

Yubei Masterplan: 2x175m+. Concept masterplan for Yubei skyscraper area.

Chun Sen Bi An: 2x172m, 56 floors. Huge multitower residential project under construction.

IFC Twin Towers: 2x168m, 30+ floors.. Twin Tower project designed by SOM, already under construction.

Xi Cheng Tian Jie: 168m, 30~ floors. Boxy project under construction.

Changjiang International: 2x167m, 39 floors. Old project recently relaunched becoming a twin project. It has started rising already.

International Trade Center Twin Towers: 2x161m, 43 floors Finished in 2006 in Jiefangbei CBD

Jiangbei CBD curved tower: 160m+. Stunning design approved in Jiangbei New City CBD. The name of the project hasn’t been released.

Tianyuan Tiandi: 5+x150m+. Huge residential development next to Chongqing Tiandi.

Xinbaolong Yicheng : 150m+. Another residential project. No info by the moment.

Sofitel Hotel: 150m+. Completed in 2007.

Haomen Apartment Rebuilt: 150m+ Reconstruction plan of one of the old buildings purchased by Shui On Land in Jiefangbei. The plans for the other redevelopments remain unknown.

China Resources Group Project: 150m+ Large residential project developed by China Resources.

Fontaine Bleu: 3x150m. Boxy project developed by Sincere Group.

Fortune Center: 150m~. Once a 200m+ proposal, this project has been drastically revised down.

Shabingba Education Center: 2x100m+. Excellent design, expected to be started soon.

Juxin Plaza: 2x100m+. Almost completed

Chashi Twin Towers: 100m. Cute project recently topped out.

Rongqiao Left Bay. This monster residential masterplan composed by countless towers will house 50,000 people, construction has just started.

Lishu Bay. Residential project.

Danzishi Longhu Project. Another major residential highrise development, developed by Longhu Properties. Recently started.

Chongqing Guanghua City New project developed by Guanghua Group.

Chongqing Wanda Hotel. Recenlty started.

Zongshen Power City. Large project recently launched.

Guotai Opera. Recently started, this opera palace will be located at the heart of Jiefangbei CBD.

Chongqing Grand Theatre. Construction to be finished in late 2008, located in Jiangbei New City.

Chongqing Science Museum Under construction in Jangbei New City CBD.

Natural History Museum Recently released.

Dadukou Sports Center. Large sport facilities development at Dadukou district.

Jiangbei International Airport: Currently under construction, will be able to handle 70 million passengers a year when completed around 2020.

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Wow now thats what i call massive development. I mean look at that! And look at all that green in the city planning exhibition centre. I hope it turns out real.

Most interesting tower is by far the Bamboo tower. So sureal.
The models of this city look like manhattan just with much taller buildings.
I am so impressed with china that i cant describe.
Can somebody point out where are Nanan and Tiandi districts? Or better can somebody point out the big districts, so we have general idea. Just like Shanghai we know where Pudong and Puxi, Xu Jia Hui etc.

And the city looks big but actually how big is it compare to Shanghai?

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ......... WOW!!!!!!!!!
good job!! actually, many huge cities of china have similar projects. shanghai is also competitive with them. like tianjing-beijing big proect. shenzhen, guangzhou, wuhan, nanjing ~~~~!
thanks for this zorg. impressive stuff... but then with annual industrial growth at over 40% per year its not surprising that the city is booming so much. incidentally guys, the population here is growing faster in terms of percentage and total people than any other city in china.
Holy smokes, that just redefined the word impressive :shocked: :eek:
I'd love to visit Chongqing in the near future!
Crest of the city(Main tower 300m+,other 5 towers 200m+)

This project has started already.
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Another tower(350m,Proposed)

Since it's not been yet released officially,I think they will change the design.
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When we say unreal in Ireland we mean unbelievably good
malec said:
When we say unreal in Ireland we mean unbelievably good
LOL,I'm very happy you like them. :cheers:
Phenomenal. My favorite Chinese city.
this is incredible! if all major cities in China are doing the same magnitude of development, all of Earth's resources would be depleted in 50 years.
Chongqing is the fastest growing city worldwide according to the Guinness Book, 800,000 inhabitants a year!
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