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Chongqing Chaotianmen
Chongqing, China,
Located at the confluence of the Yangtze and Jailing rivers, the site for this mixed-use project is imbued with a significance that is immediately symbolic. The foremost of Chongqing’s traditional city gates (the Chaotian Gate, or “gate to heaven”), where emperors carried out the ceremonies of diplomatic greeting, it has long been a historical landmark. As the city’s initial dock area on the Yangtze, it also represents the great tradition of the shipping highway, which has stoked this major inland city’s development and now drives its evolution as one of China’s most important modern cities. The design for the project to be situated at this gateway is generated by the image of powerful sails upon the water. The outer facades of the project’s six towers—the transparent surfaces that will face the water to the north—are meant to recall a fleet of ancient Chinese ships, with their huge rectangles of white canvas filled by the wind. This image is recognizable in its simplicity, yet iconic in its form. In addition to serving as an outward-facing gateway symbol, the project also has a strong presence in forming the apex of the city’s peninsula. The south-facing facades—the inside of the arc of towers—look back to the city in a gently embracing way, covered by green hanging gardens that meet the ground at a podium roof level that is itself a green amphitheater “park” of gardens, pools, and public circulation. This park area gently rises to the north, framing views to the water between the towers—which will house residences, offices, and a hotel—and maximizing views of the project itself from the city. Underneath the park level, the podium consists of five levels of public program, including retail and cultural facilities, as well as hubs for land and water transportation. The two central outer towers, directly facing the rivers’ convergence to the north, are the project’s tallest structures (348 meters above flood plain; 77 floors each), with the central axis of the project proceeding back from between them, toward the city. Tucked immediately within the two tallest towers, extending the arc, are four shorter towers (each with 62 floors), across which runs an exterior, connecting garden that hovers 248 meters in the air. In addition to linking these four towers—two of which are office space (and actually “twin” stepped segments of the two larger, central towers), and two of which are residential—the garden echoes the amphitheater park far below and creates a dramatic viewing platform that optimizes this site’s unique views back to the rest of Chongqing. Within the garden level’s hull is a full floor of hotel lobby, restaurants, and clubs. Above are gardens and pools. The remaining two (freestanding) towers, which complete the prow-like arc of six, are residential, each 57 floors tall, making for a project total of 302,000 square meters of prime living units.
Project Type: Mixed Use
Client: CapitaLand Ltd / CapitaMalls Asia Ltd / Singbridge Holdings Pte. Ltd.
Size: 8800000




Older renderings:

Developer: PYI Corporation (HK).


投资商: 香港保华集团、香港保华建业集团
规划用地: 11.6万平方米
总建筑面积: 75万平方米





项目占地11.6万平方米,总建筑面积75万平方米,4栋超高层,6层裙楼商业即交通总站,最高建筑360米,新增广场面积5万平方米,其中轻轨总站从标高 212处穿入商业建筑内部;项目定位集五星级酒店、5A级写字楼、酒店式公寓、BOSS会所于一体的商务中心,集大型百货、超市、主题大卖场、专业市场于一体的商业中心,集地铁轻轨总站、公交车站、长途车站、巴士站、的士站、国宾游艇码头等于一体的城市零换乘交通枢纽中心。

Google translator:

Investors: Hong Kong PYI Group, Hong Kong PYI Construction and Materials Group
Planning, land: 116,000 square meters
A total construction area: 750,000 square meters

Project Overview:

Date :2008-commissioned the design in 2009, the implementation of the project approval

Chongqing Municipal Government in this project is focused on large projects, located in Chongqing, the gateway to the peninsula渝中Chaotianmen region, the Yangtze River and Jialing River interchange the two, the former Pro Chongqing Planning Exhibition Hall, East and West, respectively, Pro嘉滨Road, Long Rd, south of Shaanxi Road, Xinhua Road and Chaotianmen famous national wholesale markets, is typically the core of the transport hub of the city, Heights, history, culture, commerce and trade circulation center, the city has a unique status.

Design Concept:

Project occupies an area of 116,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 750,000 square meters, four skyscrapers, 6-storey commercial podium that transport terminus, the maximum 360 meters of construction, a new plaza area of 50,000 square meters, including light rail terminus from the elevation of 212 commercial buildings within penetration; project targeted set of five-star hotels, 5A class office buildings, serviced apartments, BOSS club in one of the Business Center, set large-scale department stores, supermarkets, shopping theme, professional market in one of the commercial center , sets the MTR Light Rail Station, Bus Stop, long-distance stations, bus stops, taxi stands, Odeon Marina one of the city equal to zero transfer traffic hub.
From the overall planning concept of "mountain stage", "Chungking Express." Pro Plaza highest elevation of Xinhua Road 220, Pro Chaotianmen Square elevation 200, a light rail line between the concept of Jiang as the main cities and take back Taiwan staggered layers fall to form a "big mountain stage" leisure Tree Square array; 360 meters high-rise hotel concept from the "mountain city黄桷树", at an elevation of 200 square meeting point of two rivers, the city will be the new card and the two landmark Jiang; Plaza pavement from the idea of "spin Jialingjiang Waterloo"; take the lead in the introduction of three-dimensional internal construction of elevated road , Light Rail Mass Transit Railway stations, large sloping staircase, tourism corridor and other traffic systems, the formation of three-dimensional zero-transfer traffic hub.
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ive waited so long for chaotianmen to transform like this
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Architectural Scheme for Overall Development of Chaotianmen Area, Chongqing
Invitation Letter for International Creative Idea Collection
Chongqing is the only municipality directly under the Central Government in the Mid-western Region of China and an important growth pole in West China. Chaotianmen is located at the junction of Yangtse River and Jialing River. It is the cradle of Chongqing and the core area of Chongqing CBD, representing “Window of Chongqing, Door of West China” and the image of international metropolis in inland open center.  
Based on the existing situation of Chaotianmen Area, Chongqing Municipal Committee and Government plan to reconstruct this area. The reconstruction project will occupy a land of about 11.7 hectares, and the overall building size will be up to 700,000 square meters. The investment will be about RMB 10 billion in total. This area will be built into the urban complex integrating culture, comprehensive traffic, office, trade and city square. According to the direction of Mr. Bo Xilai, Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Committee, the creative ideas on architectural schemes will be collected around the world.    
Therefore, we sincerely invite you to the collection of creative ideas on architectural schemes and the creation of the classic building in the region where the economic development is the most active. If your architectural scheme is acceptable, the designer will have the priority to further deepen the scheme, besides receiving the basic expense for the scheme collection.     
If you are willing to participate in this activity, please reply in written form before May 12th and attach the curriculum vitae of main producers and similar project design cases (in Chinese).
Annex: Profile of Project
Collected by:
重慶市規劃局     渝中區人民政府     保華集團有限公司
Chongqing Urban Planning Bureau
Yuzhong District People’s Government
PYI Corporation Limited
May 5th, 2009
洪舒  移動電話:+86 15123328380
           電話:+8623 6795 9793
  傳真:+8623 6795 9793
電子郵件:6[email protected]                              
+86 15123328380
+8623 6795 9793
+8623 6795 9793
[email protected]                                  
張  春  移動電話:+86 1392-503-8041
           電話:+8623 6310 7333
  傳真:+8623 6310 7676
電子郵件:[email protected]
Zhang Chun
+86 1392-503-8041
+8623 6310 7333
+8623 6310 7676
[email protected]

Profile of Project
1  項目地點:
1     Project Location:
The land for the scheme design is located within the land of 11.7 hectares in the south of Chaotianmen Square, Yuzhong District, Chongqing.
The land is about 440m long from south to north and about 530m wide from east to west. The lowest elevation is about 180m, and the highest is about 228m, with the maximum elevation difference of about 48m. The land is connected with Chaotianmen Square and Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery in the north. Its east-west side about 350m in length is beside the river, respectively opposite Nanbin Road and Jiangbei Town. In the south, it is adjacent to Donghewan, Chongqing Grain Reserve and Transportation Company, No. 9 Business Hotel, Chongqing Sugar & Liquor Co., Golden Ocean Market, Kei Leung Mansion, and Haike Yingzhou. Along the east-west direction of the site beside the river, the project land is connected to Changbin Road, Jiabin Road and Chaoqian Road in the south, to form the main channel to the project location from the lower urban area. In the central section of the south, the project land is connected to Xinhua Road and Shaanxi Road, to form the main channel to the project location from the upper urban area.          
2  用地規模:11.7公頃
2  Land Area: 11.7 hectares
3  項目內容:
3  Project Contents:
1)  定位:本項目定位為重慶市形象標誌與象徵,是“重慶之窗、西部之門”的具體體現,代表重慶作為長江經濟源點、內陸開放高地展現開放、啟航、揚帆姿態的建設典範。項目應在尊重現有渝中半島城市肌理與山水格局的前提下,滿足功能、規模、形態、品質的高標準要求。
1) Positioning: Positioned as the image symbol and emblem of Chongqing, the project embodies “Window of Chongqing, Door of West China” and represents the construction model of Chongqing as the source of Yangtze River economy and inland open center to show the openness and sailing attitude. Based on the existing urban tissue and landscape structure of Yuzhong Peninsula, the project shall satisfy the high requirements of function, scale, form and quality.        
2)  項目功能及規模:
2) Project function and scale:
① 項目功能:
a. Project function:
Based on traffic hub, the project is an urban complex providing service to citizens, and taking tourism, leisure and sightseeing as core driving force, trade and city square as constellation effect. It is made up of traffic hub, commercial trade, hotel, office building and city square.    
② 項目規模:
b. Project scale:
Total building area: About 700,000 square meters (including underground rail transit station yard of about 100,000 square meters)
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I'm not disappointed, but Chaotianmen deserves a huge world class project. Something like 450m+ twins or so. On the other hand Jiefangbei has tons of big ones coming already, so it's enough for many years.

I don't think it's the final design anyway as the design is very different depending on the render, we'll see...
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I really like the bottom twin building!! I think it's great news!
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They should just have an 888m single building at the tip, it will be a landmark gateway for Chongqing :D
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this building looks great and stuff, bu t for such a location I dont want it. Its at the tip of this island, and the place where most photos are gna be taken from.

On this spot there should be an absolute landmark, a building that is unique and a beautiful creative design. Like a design so crazy it'll be almost a modern world wonder or something.

The buildings look great (from the from angle a bit like shanghai IFC), but aren't good enough for the plot given to them IMO.

this is one of the most spectacular plots in the world, i guess
They should just have an 888m single building at the tip, it will be a landmark gateway for Chongqing :D
indeed, thought the same when i saw the plot on the big shot :). even 600-700m would be great.
Proposal on third pic is the best one. Those curvatures give the project interesting plus.
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12 preliminary proposals. Notice that the 3 residential towers on the left are 207m each. Sad to say that some proposals look shorter than 300m.

No heights provided, but I added my personal estimation.

Proposal 1. 2x250m~

Proposal 2. 350~, 280~, 200~

Proposal 3. 350-400

Proposal 4. 2x200+

Proposal 5. 300+, 250+, 200+.

Proposal 6. 400+.

Proposal 7. 2x300-340

Proposal 8. 300+, 2x200+.

Proposal 9. 280~

Proposal 10. 2x300+

Proposal 11. 250+, 200+

Proposal 12. 350+, 300+, 200+, 180+.

They want this project to be a global landmark to put Chongqing on the map of the world class cities. Imo only a couple of proposals look eye-catching enogugh to become a world class skyscraper project. Nowadays, if you want a global skyscraper landmark you need either something incredibly tall (at least 500+), incredibly expensive and over-designed (and therefore ugly for most people) or very unique twin tower project to get that.

Some of these proposals (3rd, 9th, 10th) look rather irrelevant, they wouldn't even become Chongqing's city main skyscraper landmark in comparison with those 400+ projects approved in other areas of the city.

Only the 12th proposal is good imo, but I would be happy if they chose the 6th, 2nd or maybe the 10th, 7th or 3rd ones.

I wish they built a 888m, 188 floor tower. That would be a world class project for sure. A 500m twin project would be nice too :D
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These are some really shitty proposals, only 2 and 6 are barely acceptable :eek:hno:
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Countless proposals. Pics by wangxun0906.

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What can I say. Many of them look incredibly tacky and overdesigned by those typical architects with an unlimited ego who love to destroy some city skyline with a project that sticks out a mile.

Many others on the other hand are simply perfect. Stunning, freaking beautiful. Same problem as always though: Not tall enough. None of them looks taller than 400m. A couple of them may be 400m~, that's all. But anyway, just look at those models around the end of the gallery, they are so beautiful.

What about the heights? Some proposals are just a few towers around 180-200m. There is a couple of proposals that don't have any highrise :crazy: Others on the other hand seem to have 3 or even 4x300m~. Many have 4x200-350m. We'll see.

These are my 4 favourites.

1. Absolutely perfect.

2. Very iconic and futuristic.

3. Beautiful, very beautiful

4. Not too special, but 4x280-330m~ seems very OK to me :D
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these r only college student design

the world wide archit firm design competition has 105 other proposals
like always KPF SOM Foster they never miss a massive project like this
the location ,the investor, the gov attitude, everything is like a holy dream for those ego much architect
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zorg u must see the sign with the number 1333 on the forum , thats the countdown
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^^ The countdown for what? Final proposal announcement, construction start or completion? :D

Some of these proposals are stunning, but they lack height. I've been counting the floors of some of the tallest using a zoom and none of them has more than 75 floors. Most have around 60-65 floors and shouldn't be taller than 280-310m. Chongqing's gate should have 450m at the very least imo, especialy since they are building two projects taller than 460m already.

Only this one seems truly tall, but I couldn't count the floors. Maybe around 80.
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