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Chris Grayling

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To be sacked in forthcoming reshuffle later this month according to the Times.
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I won't be sorry to see the back of him, as he's hardly fit for cleaning public toilets, but there will be little point in changing the face in the DfT without changing the policies as well. What we want is no more spending five years promising things like Midland Mainline electrification, then scrapping it. No more shafting of areas outside the South East. We want full on electrification of our lines up North and in the South West and no hybrids and no bullshitting. No wonder people up North are frustrated, but the frustrating thing about their frustrations is that they're taking it out on the wrong people.
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A thumbs up for Scott Darwin there. Darling was indeed too much of a Scrooge. He did delay then scrap tram systems in places like Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol and Portsmouth, which is a huge black mark against him.
I raise you and offer Alistair Darling.
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