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Chrysler Building, New York City

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Chrysler Building
New York, USA

HEIGHT: 319m/1,046 feet
FLOORS: 77 floors
ARCHITECT: William Van Alen

In the summer of 1929, a "race for the sky" broke out on the island of Manhattan. Automobile tycoon Walter Chrysler battled Wall Street powerhouse Bank of Manhattan Trust Company for the title of world's tallest building in what many historians consider to be the most intense race in skyscraper history. In the spring of 1930, just when it appeared that the bank might capture the coveted title, a small crew jacked a needle-thin spire hidden in Chrysler's building through the top of the crown to claim the title of worlds tallest at 1,046 feet.

Not only was the Chrysler Building the world's tallest structure, it was also one of the most decorated office buildings in the world. Chrysler wanted "a bold structure, declaring the glories of the modern age" -- and he got it. He decorated his skyscraper with hubcaps, mudguards, and hood ornaments, just like his cars, hoping that such a distinctive building would make his car company a household name. Today, the Chrysler Building is recognized as New York City's greatest display of Art Deco, a decorative style characterized by sharp angular or zigzag surface forms and ornaments.

Only four months after the completion of the Chrysler Building, the world's tallest championship title would be claimed by a new structure, the Empire State Building.


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You guys have to understand that the set of zoning laws that NYC adopted in 1916 basically mandated that the bases of buildings look like that, to allow for maximum light penetration to the street below. Almost all towers from this time period had a rather "bland" looking , chunky base. Following the street contours as closely as possible was the best way to recoup what developers considered the "lost space" of setbacks. The resulting form was simply the best compromise between maximum profits (always important in highrise commerical architecture) and obeying the law.

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Isn't this the one in Jan's avatar? anyways I like it. Awsome cap to it. 10/10

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Chrystler.... we salute you! This has got to be on atleat the top 10 favorite skyscrapers in everyone's list!


I can only think of about 5 skyscrapers that are 10/10 worthy, and this is one of them!

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Chrysler is one of things that make me think about New York City and is fairly well designed however I don't like it's fat base and should of been a thin tower from the ground up.


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I mean, really can you fault Chrysler ? I cant ;)


only thing I dislike is that it's really boxed in (density) but eh, it's still an absolutely fantastic pinacle in among boringness (the other crud around it).


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This is one of the most flattering pictures of it:

Sadly a lot of other buildings have grown around it..obscuring more of it. They should have rules governing what gets built around the Chrysler.
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As one of the greatest skyscraperfans in the world I can't do anything else then give this Masterpiece of skyscraper Architecture a 10!
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