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Tomorrow the Chrysler Building turns 75! Here's some fun NY Times stuff...

An office with a view - Audio Slideshow

The dentist in the spire - video


The Chrysler Building under construction.

CHRYSALIS: William Van Alen's design evolved from conventional to streamlined. The spire was kept secret, rising at the last minute to beat the competition.

William Van Alen with his wife at the 1931 Beaux Arts Ball.

The former skyline.

A fog's embrace in 1984.

Murals in the lobby signaled optimism.

In 1988 workers waterproofed one of the eight eagle gargoyles encircling the building..

In the 1930's the ground floor had a Chrysler showroom.

A stairwell of black marble and aluminum leaf.

A painted starburst motif inside the observatory

A mid-1930's parade of new Chryslers outside the showroom.

Superman's view

The lobby.

The restored lobby.

A blimp floats by in 1937.

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Is that going to be in tomorrow's Times? I better get my buck ready when I hit the stands.
Amazing pictures of midtown in the 30s, with the ESB even uglier than now, and a smaller skyline compared to downtown.
But my fave has to be this one :eek:

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savethewtc said:
Not sure if it'll be in the times tomorrow or not but you might want to check it out and see.

This has to be my fav of the bunch, I

is that real. I mean they are so high up, shouldn't those cars look smaller?
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