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Churchs Of Kuwait

Our Lady Of Arabia:

Holy Family Cathedral:

Holy Redeemer Chaple:

Saint Pauls:

The Evacnical Church:

thats what i found i couldnt get the angelican church pics which is the biggest one and has the kuwaiti priest : amanuel gharib

hope u like them :D

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Cyrus said:
Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox Church, Tehran, Iran

Vank Cathredal, Esfehan:

Cyrus said:
Church of Saint Stephanos, Jolfa, Iran

The church of Saint Stephanos has been built inside a large castle with seven high towers for protecting it, the church'architectural style is a mixture of Urartian, Persian, Greek and Roman styles.

St. Sarkis Cathedral, Tehran, Iran

St. Thaddeus Cathedral, Maku, Iran



Virgin Mary Church, Oromieh:

Serkis Church, Oromieh:


St Mary church, Tehran:

Old church near Tabriz:

Virgin Mary church, Mazandaran:


Brief State of Euphoria
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one more off topic post and you can kiss this thread good bye
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