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CINCINNATI - Paycor Stadium (65,790)

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Cincinnati Bengals

Home of Cinncinati Bengals of the NFL

When bad team/franchise, have good stadium the rest of the NFL doesn't notice until they play there. 5 years later, you still see broadcasts complimenting the stadium as if its the first year its been open. Aptly, images of it are probably the most sparse to find of any venue in the NFL. Apparently, the atriums and club areas are among the best with around 200 suites. Guess I'll never know.

next to the old stadium, which has since been replaced with a new baseball stadium

Welcome to the Jungle...........Maybe it can be that again......someday


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Looks bloody fantastic! Some really great pictures of it to boot!
I dont know why all the new US footbal stadiums have to design a crazy stands! (look at the last pic to see what im on about)
I see what you mean eddyk, it's still not nearly as bad as Soldier field though.
there are a ton of luxury boxes/suites in U.S. Stadiums. To fit them all and not have the fans a million miles away, there has to be bowl innovation.
Record Crowd: 66,319 University of Cincinnati v Ohio State 2003.
Great stadium!
It seems there's a lot of empty space for furhter expansion.
Awesome, 9/10
Impresive. I can't beleive I passed by this stadium a couple of times and never made an attempt to see it from the inside. :eek:hno:
8.5 / 10

The stadium, by in large, looks fantastic. Even the gaps between upper tiers of the side and endzone stands looks great. Usually, I hate endzone stands that look weird, pretty much for the sake of it, but I think these ones actually fit in will with the overall design and actually work.

There are a few flaws, however; the positioning of the advertising at the North End seems designed to give the impression of the stadium being almost full enclosed, but this visual effect is kind of ruined by the distance between the North End and the East Side. Another half block, to block of seats in the upper tier of that endzone would have improved that visual effect greatly and added to the asymmetry of the endzones in my opinion. There is balance at the South End, as the gaps between the South End and the East and West Sides is roughly equal.

The other major flaw I see is the entrances to the upper tier at the North End. The wall created looks out of place against the vomatories on the other sides.

If I had my way, I'd slightly redesign the North End to fit in better with the stadium by adding another block of seating to the upper tier to enhance the enclosed eye-lines and get rid of the wall in the upper tier and replace it with the vomatories elsewhere in the stadium.
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If only we could switch out the green seats for purple ones and put it where the Metrodome is...
Did I see a tarp covering the club seats in the fourth from last pic?
Did I see a tarp covering the club seats in the fourth from last pic?
It's probably a tarp to protect the club seats from weathering.
It's probably a tarp to protect the club seats from weathering.
I assume that means the pic was taken in the off season?
I LOVE the design on this stadium.:cheers:

Why couldn't the New Meadowlands Stadium, Jerry's World, the UOP Stadium, or even the upcoming new Niners Stadium look like this?
I assume that means the pic was taken in the off season?
Yeah - the flickr page for that photo said it was taken this past March.

As a side note I've always loved this stadium - its one of my favorites in the NFL. But I think the end zone seats have a little bit too much of an extreme design for my tastes. That's my only beef, I'd say.
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