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Cincinnati, stumbling around downtown

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Cincinnati, stumbling around downtown
Authored by Sherman Cahal on June 11, 2009 at UrbanUp

Following up with the last blog post regarding the Queen City, this is the second of three photographic series covering Cincinnati. Click on the respective links in the headers for even more photographs and information and be sure to click through onto the UrbanUp blog for more photographs and text!



2 Fountain Square after its renovation.

3 While the old signage evokes more of a classic design, the new PNC logo, with its vibrant hues, is more modern in terms of fonttype and color choice.


5 A hideous stub along 3rd Street, although it does wonderfully reflect 303 Broadway at Queen City Square and the crane at the Queen City Square site.


7 One of my favorite east-downtown buildings.

8 Scripps in the background, with the bridge over Fort Washington Way in the foreground.

Queen City Square
Queen City Square is a high-rise development project in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, located in the block bounded by East 3rd and East 4th, and Sycamore Street. The high-rise was first proposed in the late 1980s, and Western & Southern Financial Group awarded Turner and HOK the project for construction, however, the project was shelved until 2002 due to slumping office vacancy rates in downtown.

The tower's signature feature is a mammoth tiara.

9 July 27, 2008

10 February 8, 2009

11 May 11, 2009


13 June 1, 2009

The Banks
The Banks is a planned 15-acre mixed-use development between the Paul Brown Stadium and the Great American Ballpark, situated between Second Street and the Ohio River in Cincinnati, stretching for eight blocks.

14 February 1, 2009



17 May 11, 2009

18 June 1, 2009


Cincinnati Riverfront Transit Center
The Riverfront Transit Center is an intermodal transit center beneath 2nd Street in downtown Cincinnati south of Fort Washington Way. Although it is vastly underutilized and was designed for both bus and rail transit, although it only comes alive on game days for the Reds and Bengals.

20 A clean transit center that's all but not utilized.



23 The wavy ceiling contours do serve a purpose for ventilation.

24 It was game day for the Reds against the Cubs. We lost on this day...


26 A slice of unmaintained land near the Bengals' stadium that will eventually be part of The Banks project.

27 Doors to the transit center that are closed for all but game days.

28 The infrastructure above ground is starting to look relatively shabby after 10 years of sun exposure, but a little TLC is all that is needed.

29 Entrances below from 2nd Street.

Be sure to click through onto the UrbanUp blog for hundreds of additional photographs and history!
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very nice! we hardly ever get to see cincinnati on here. looks great
Very nice, and really amazing Cincinnati :cheers: btw i knew a person (a friend) from there :) (half Greek ;))
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