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As U know the summer began already, and the schools/Golleges finished the exams so any one heard of new Cinema contructed in Baghdad other than the (Iraqi Cinema) that already exist.
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Nope I have not herd anything about it. Welcome to the forum btw. Care to share some info?
the are building a new cinima in Mansour mall, we have a thread about the mall
I hate cinema's they remind me of some old bad memories we used to go cinema's in Eid we always go in a group and every time we go some nasty abo khalil sitting at the far end of the theatre and masturbating on the image of the turkish actress hulya:lol:
And if there was no abo khalil doing their shit it will be for the smoke and hab shames that got throwing at us from the second floor.
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wtf really? lmao disturbing where was this
^^ it was in all over iraq basra baghdad and mousel
The worse was in mousel in a street called Halab st it was hilarious and abo khalil was Moaning so hard:crazy:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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