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That's right, this is a thread on which city in America has the worst insect problem. :weirdo:

Some things that I've seen:

On the edge of the Las Vegas strip in 1998, we pulled into a gas station at night. I have never seen so many grasshoppers in my life. They were swarming above us on the gas station lights, and dropping dead all over the place. It was like a plague or a pestilence or something.

We stayed at a fairly expensive Marriott condo hotel in Orlando in 1997, and the whole place was crawling with lizards (I know, not an insect), one of which got into our room.

Phoenix, AZ is known for various poisonous scorpions and spiders found in people's homes.

Here in Ohio, it's cold most of the year, and the one good thing about that is that it keeps the insects at bay.

So which is it folks? Share your stories on insect problems.
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