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dear friends i am starting a new thread here to voice for the sake of
of efficient public transport system to metro colombo since there no transparency on status of this very important project which is the only
solution for mad traffic we encounter in my dear friend line up
for this project and create public awareness on this why iam telling this
anti lobbying for this project had been already begun by malicious elements..come on guys without this we cant achieve world class city please start debate on this subject..
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I think outward expansion of the city is more appropriate solution rather than MRT inside a densely populated area like Singapore.

Singapore does not have the space, sri lanka has plenty of open space.
MRT is required to move mass number of people through congested and densely populated areas.

MRT is very efficient but it is not a good environment to live in, outward expansion and decentralization of services is more ideal. So people can make their own way using private transportation.

It's like a comparison between apartments and suburban house. Yes apartments are more efficient and housing the population and suburban housing is MUCH more resource intensive; however the reason why people choose to live in a house is because it offers a higher quality of living.
outward expansion of the city :- this is one of the main reason we need a MRT. Yes now Colombo city limit is too small but MRT don't have to be limited to city limits. in fact it shout go throw in to suburbs and beyond to get the full potential.

Singapore is the size of western province. They open their first MRT in 1987 when the population was only 2.2 million people which is the same amount of people i believe now living in Colombo district.
This is absolutely useless.

Better to get a metro.

Even better to focus on a road master plan.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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