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dear friends i am starting a new thread here to voice for the sake of
of efficient public transport system to metro colombo since there no transparency on status of this very important project which is the only
solution for mad traffic we encounter in my dear friend line up
for this project and create public awareness on this why iam telling this
anti lobbying for this project had been already begun by malicious elements..come on guys without this we cant achieve world class city please start debate on this subject..
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Thats dosent mean we hv to use more available space for human.we should protect environment too.MRT and monorail projects are under design stage .I would prefer MRT between BIA and CMB and suburb area and a monorail bitween Our administral capital and CMB with the combind of gov-privet sector .bt 1st of all they should electrify current railway system,stop corroption,more speed and on time arrival trains. :(
I think outward expansion of the city is more appropriate solution rather than MRT inside a densely populated area like Singapore.

Singapore does not have the space, sri lanka has plenty of open space.
If we are going to start monorail let private invester to do there will be well managemant.or let it to be like SLT mobitel,gov+privet. to promote this transport method they cn put a price between bus and railway like 100 ruppess from battaramulla-fort.they cn run method low profit from one person more people.bcoz I dont like to spend 300 rupees from battaramulla to pettah which is 40 rupees by bus.most people like us,means middle class.and if it run by electracity it should be cheap.
Rajasingha bro smthing is better than current situation building a metro between Kotte and Colombo is a needs a lot of space.costly,and take monorail needs only a little space,cost is nt much as MRT.and it dont take much time as MRT to build.we cn transform fort-awissawella rail lineto MRT line before make new one
This is absolutely useless.

Better to get a metro.

Even better to focus on a road master plan.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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