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dear friends i am starting a new thread here to voice for the sake of
of efficient public transport system to metro colombo since there no transparency on status of this very important project which is the only
solution for mad traffic we encounter in my dear friend line up
for this project and create public awareness on this why iam telling this
anti lobbying for this project had been already begun by malicious elements..come on guys without this we cant achieve world class city please start debate on this subject..
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We have to think about the cost guys, it will be very high to maintain such a big infrastructure and we simply can't afford them. We can't even maintain old buses, and earn profit out of that, how are we going to have a MRT and earn profit ? It will cost us few billion dollars to build them,millions of dollars to maintain the tracks, stations, trains and then you gotta pay employers, security and etc. In an average day we need at least a million passengers paying average of 300 rupees per ride to get to break even.
Population of Colombo isn't enough for us to operate MRT and our citizens don't make enough money to travel on Metro either. We need 6 Million to 7 Million population and that to with at least 2 million passengers riding every day. The amount of money needed to maintain and build Metro is astronomical and we'll go into deeper debts. The cost of riding in Metro will be expensive and most won't be able to afford them. This is the same reason why Metro is a big failure even in much more congested and bigger cities like Bangalore, Chennai and hell even Mumbai. We'll never be able to afford them any time soon.

Elevated LRT will do fine. Trying to build them around Fort area will be a pain and ruin the aesthetic of the city but something must be done about it.
An MRT system for colombo city is a must and it has to be underground at least for the first 5KMs radius from within colombo city (FORT). With the growing population in colombo city traffic congestion is increasing day by day. If our government could somehow invest on something like this it would benefit for the future. I dont think elevated monorails or LRT would do much to reduce traffic congestion. just my personal opinion. This thread was started almost 5 years ago yet sad to see our politicians have done nothing regarding these issues.
We are mainly talking about building a Subway and Colombo's population isn't even 750,000. There is already a plan for suburban rail service and that will be built over ground. Colombo is a very small city compared to Chennai, Bangalore or Mumbai. Things aren't bad for the farmers as it is in India, there is no flock of immigrants coming to the city in large numbers. I heard one of the major Indian city's population went from 5 million to 10 million :lol:. Colombo will never grow to that size and there is no need for a subway service. Elevated LRT is enough as long as it connects to the suburban railway project lines which will be built over the land. This is the most feasible project that we can exercise. I have a feeling there will be several KMS of underground LRT due to lack space to build an elevated LRT line. That will be more expensive but should still preserve the aesthetics. But this also means the the riders will pay for it via higher ticker prices.
Just for your information the Chennai and Mumbai suburban systems were developed when the population of the cities were much smaller...Chennai was much smaller than what Colombo is today when services began
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You need to show some proof, i just watched a tv debate on why Chennai Metro is lacking passengers last month and it had an expert talking about why Bangalore and Mumbai are failing. When I did google research, I came up with more evidence. Cities like Mumbai only has about 300,000 riders on travelling it daily. Even when I check instagram, most pics at Metros of Chennai and Bangalore seem to be empty.

Metro is not a failure in the above mentioned cities. Please don't make false claims. So far 16 Indian cities are building metros/subways and another dozen cities planning for it. By 2030, more than 30 Indian cities would have operational metro. If Metro is a big failure in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai which are some of the primary cities of India.. why would other cities even dare to build it?

You don't need 6-7 million population for Metro. All you require is vision and money to implement that vision into reality. Metro is a Public transport. Public transportation provides personal mobility and freedom for people from every walk of life. Better and Improved public transportation means better and improved lifestyle. Not only that, every $1 invested in public transportation generates approximately $4 in economic returns. Every $1 billion invested in public transportaiton supports and creates tens of thousands of jobs.

Those figures for Chennai are very outdated and in all probability incorrect. I don't have latest data for Chennai but Mumbai urban agglomeration's PPP GDP as of 2015(?) was appx. $368 billion and per capita income was $16,881. So I reckon Mumbai metro's GDP to be around $280-290 billion and PPP per capita income even higher.

Suburbanisation is the sign of a good economy. Urbanization is not good when you have poor farmers flocking to the city like crazy and have city like Hyderabad population and Bangalore population doubling within 10 to 15 years. That is over population. Way too may people and that is why is there so many poor people beyond imaginable. SL has poor people but not to the extent of India with large slums and extremely poor people. Unlike Indian government, the SL government doesn't allow their farming lands to be exploited by beverage companies like Coca Cola and Peps. Over population is never good, SL 's farming isn't doing too bad, there is no need for flocking of rural communities in the city. City of Colombo will expand in terms of area but it will never be never big enough to operate an MRT underground. It will never be affordable for at least another 25 to 30 years. Due to growing middle class in India, it may one day be worth it for cities like Chennai, Bangalore and Metro to operate an underground Subway, but not for Colombo. Elevated LRT will do fine.
That's called Urbanisation. Almost every developed country on earth has 60-70-80 percent population living in Urban areas. India is still less than 40% urban. I am happy that more migrants are flocking to cities and urban areas... it's a sign of economic development.
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