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dear friends i am starting a new thread here to voice for the sake of
of efficient public transport system to metro colombo since there no transparency on status of this very important project which is the only
solution for mad traffic we encounter in my dear friend line up
for this project and create public awareness on this why iam telling this
anti lobbying for this project had been already begun by malicious elements..come on guys without this we cant achieve world class city please start debate on this subject..
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I've heard that the government is keen on putting up a Mono-Rail across Colombo and carrying out feasibility studies. I was thrilled till I get to hear their estimated minimum charge per person. it was freaking 500 bucks. Now I really don't know whether this is true or falls, but 500 per person is too much for a common man I guess if it comes to that...
Ya...but I don't think a regular person would spend 500 bucks to travel on a daily basis.... if you sum it up and see, for 10 days it'll be 5000 and for 20 days it'll be 10k....and thats also a one way ticket...

you can easily get your self a vehicle with that money :lol:
But this charge would be similar to a 3 wheeler charge. :lol:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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