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City of Culture 2021 | Wish List

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So, with a few years to plan and execute, what are your suggestions for potential projects based around our City of Culture 2021 success? Maybe you have ideas for art installations or things that commemorate Coventry. Perhaps there are aspects of Coventry's history you feel could be better promoted or new ideas to really put entertainment on the map. And what about the community? Are there ways that this award can kickstart some of the more challenged areas of the city?
Buildings - What would be on your list of priorities to bring some of the above to fruition? Do we need to consider the offerings that already exist in the city at places such as Warwick Uni Arts Centre and consolidate funds in a way that are less immediately tangible such as supporting youth groups and culture for years to come? Space - with a lot of the space in the city centre already marked for development, would we have enough land within the ring road to build something like a 3500 capacity entertainment arena being constructed in Hull? I'd really appreciate people's comments and ideas, and who knows, there could be something Skyscrapercity folk can contribute to the party. Let's get involved!
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I was thinking about the possibility of a new live music venue or civic centre and the only area(s) I could think of within the ring road that could feasibly offer the amount of space required is/are occupied by numerous tenants but currently create a massive blot on the landscape. The area(s) I am thinking about border Bishop St to either side around Lamb St and Tower St., south or west of the new Bishopgate development. Btw, great ideas regarding the other stuff, NT. I'd love to see something like a Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the Herbert or maybe Peter Blake although George Shaw would be great, too. As far as the cycling thing is concerned (not much of a cyclist myself, more into motorbiking) if you check Tripadvisor, a lot of none-Coventrians visit the city on a cycling pilgrimage to see the James Starley statue. Pretty much everyone remarks how poorly situated it is, so for my two-penneth, I would like to see his statue repositioned to a site of prominence. Music-wise, I wonder how the City of Culture award is going to affect the Godiva Festival?
Agreed, it's not really feasible. All sorts of infrastructure issues relating to parking/transportation/safety for larger football crowds. There would be huge local opposition to any plans to expand this site for anything but rugby, not least because of the new retirement complex behind the Butts which houses infirm and people with health issues as well as regular elderly members of society. It's one thing having the occasional chant of 'Coventry' from 1000-2000 rugby goers, it's another having the vociferous sort of noise and activity associated with footy and potentially 8000-10000 individuals descend on Earlsdon. It's a none-starter for me especially given the relationship between the Council (who still have an active interest in the terms of the lease and how it operates) and SISU. I'm a sky blues fan but live in Earlsdon and definitely would get a bit nimby about it. Just being honest.
Nice one, not sure if it's feasible but I love the idea as a lifelong Sky Blues fan
To my mind and I say this as a local football fan, there is no way a single penny of the City of Culture funding should find its way into supporting the sky blues in any way. A more wanton toxic organisation disconnected from its community you couldn't find right now. Use the funding to breath life into things that have energy but need a spark of wealth and direction to realise their potential. The arts, crafts, music, community, any sports, but please not CCFC (or even Wasps for that matter).
I’ve probably mentioned this before so apologies for labouring the issue, but which part of the sports centre is listed? Do any of you guys know?
Also, the council have commented that the costs of keeping the swimming baths open are astronomical. I wonder if that is down to the cost of the pool or if the building itself is beyond serviceable - I seem to remember a while back that the maintenance of the roof itself was proving to be prohibitive (that may be down to the fact it is suspended over half a million gallons of water, though). Regarding a live music venue or civic centre, I can’t help thinking it would be better supported if it were situated nearer the railway station, there just isn’t the land available. Who knows, maybe the plans for CCS could be altered? It’s not like they’re ploughing ahead with things.
Possibly. But that blank wall facing the road HAS to go if it is, or an extension put further out into the free space with a more airy, active frontage - if it could be made to match the 'hidden' FoB side it'd look pretty impressive along the road.

Talking of blank walls what do you reckon chances are of a Banksy? And if so where would you put it? I'd guess it'd go somewhere along the ring road, though on the blank side of IKEA wouldn't be bad. As it's stencilled it's kind of flat-pack art anyway...
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Rising Bristol punk band, Idles have announced they are to play a gig at Coventry library (the Locarno/Tiffany’s) on April 14th. I wonder if this is a precursor to a potential relocation of the library and a return to former glory for Tiffany’s with its 1500-2000 capacity? With noise from Councillor Ruane about the need for a larger music and entertainments venue in the city, perhaps this could be it.
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