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City of Culture 2021 | Wish List

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So, with a few years to plan and execute, what are your suggestions for potential projects based around our City of Culture 2021 success? Maybe you have ideas for art installations or things that commemorate Coventry. Perhaps there are aspects of Coventry's history you feel could be better promoted or new ideas to really put entertainment on the map. And what about the community? Are there ways that this award can kickstart some of the more challenged areas of the city?
Buildings - What would be on your list of priorities to bring some of the above to fruition? Do we need to consider the offerings that already exist in the city at places such as Warwick Uni Arts Centre and consolidate funds in a way that are less immediately tangible such as supporting youth groups and culture for years to come? Space - with a lot of the space in the city centre already marked for development, would we have enough land within the ring road to build something like a 3500 capacity entertainment arena being constructed in Hull? I'd really appreciate people's comments and ideas, and who knows, there could be something Skyscrapercity folk can contribute to the party. Let's get involved!
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It's not suitable - it's just not big enough. Even with Cov rugby there it causes chaos on local roads. If you built the remaining three stands it'd be of a decent capacity for us with us in the doldrums but if we managed to pick up it would again be insufficient.

It's a big 'if' but last years crop of youngsters look good and although this years have suffered a bit in their shadow by all accounts the SB levels have some frighteningly good players. We've already lost 1 to Man U but he wasn't apparently even the stand-out in his age group!

And frankly if I were the owners you'd have to frankly be mad to get involved with anything to do with SISU.
I'd love to see Coventry City return to the city centre and I think the Butts is the perfect location and could be made to a suitable capacity. This would help massively in the regeneration of that area if it was to include other leisure facilities, the restoration of pubs, encourage small businesses etc..

Not really attached to the city of culture status I know, but its top of my wish list for Coventry.

Even though I'm a Villa fan and live in Solihull!
I'll put my vote down for a centre-based WAC/Symphony Hall style development. Personally I'd love to see it around the canal basin area as it's reminiscent to me of Brindley Place and it has the Tin Arts there.

Other than that a round of the Formula E championship during MotoFest and a bigger Godiva Festival. Maybe a Coventry Tapestry with the history of weaving and dyeing.

I'm not a big fan of light rail ideas, but if it's a temporary thing to showcase the technology being produced by local businesses/university fine. However, that's often the way they sell these things then they end up permanent fixtures and I think electric buses could do the job far more easily and with less disruption. As has been said above, a hop-on hop-off service around the area inside the ring road you can ride with a normal bus ticket to reduce bus numbers inside the ring road (and making much of the city centre traffic free in the process) and jobs a good'un.
Possibly. But that blank wall facing the road HAS to go if it is, or an extension put further out into the free space with a more airy, active frontage - if it could be made to match the 'hidden' FoB side it'd look pretty impressive along the road.

Talking of blank walls what do you reckon chances are of a Banksy? And if so where would you put it? I'd guess it'd go somewhere along the ring road, though on the blank side of IKEA wouldn't be bad. As it's stencilled it's kind of flat-pack art anyway...
I think the sports centre (minus elephant) could feasibly be adapted to become a music venue and conference centre.
As said, main building is listed not the elephant. This could be part of the problem - if upkeep costs of the main structure are the issue then no-one really wins. But if it were the case I think the listing could be removed. If anything you could get any replacement building to have a FoB element of even possibly incorporate the existing part (which I believe is the reason for the listing more than the building as a whole).

I think the point of a city centre venue if trying to get people from farther afield would be to get people into and through the city centre so businesses benefit and enable growth - at the Friargate area people get off the train, go to the gig and then get on the train back home. And I think given how they've now started to construct it the available spaces wouldn't be very conducive to it. Locals would be more likely to go by bus if going by public transport, and although that would take them past Broadgate etc they're much less likely to be spending money on restaurants etc if they're travelling by bus.

Besides, anywhere within the city centre would be as close as New St is to the arena in Brindley Place (which I use as my template for such a plan) and as long as you get the acts people will do that little bit of a journey if they're willing to get on a train into Cov. I'd love a similar waterside placement around the canal basin but I think it'd have to be at least as far as Broadgate - restaurant quarter and large space for meeting up. As I can't see the Primark building going any time soon I guess the other option would be the space between Ironmonger Row, Burges and Trinity St with a space between it and the Palmer Lane development enabling more of the river to be uncovered.
I’ve probably mentioned this before so apologies for labouring the issue, but which part of the sports centre is listed? Do any of you guys know?
Also, the council have commented that the costs of keeping the swimming baths open are astronomical. I wonder if that is down to the cost of the pool or if the building itself is beyond serviceable - I seem to remember a while back that the maintenance of the roof itself was proving to be prohibitive (that may be down to the fact it is suspended over half a million gallons of water, though). Regarding a live music venue or civic centre, I can’t help thinking it would be better supported if it were situated nearer the railway station, there just isn’t the land available. Who knows, maybe the plans for CCS could be altered? It’s not like they’re ploughing ahead with things.
Another quick idea is for a blitz art installation, possibly in Broadgate but could be done on top of another building.

Basically it's a circular array of 'searchlights' arranged so they form a fourth 'spire'
Yep - the trees hide it. Maybe that's the point - to stop people being able to see in that well with people in their swimming gear. But then why bother putting in the big glass window in the first place? Why not have the big glass window on Fairfax St side showing the foyer and the blank wall facing the service area and hiding people using the baths?

So in redevelopment (assuming the building is staying) the trees have to go and Cope St made into a proper walkable route/street.

As for the Elephant, I actually quite like it. It took me 20 years to actually see it but again it's covered by trees (I only saw it because it was winter and the trees were bare) and only visible from the sliproad from J3 up to J2. So unless you get rid of that raised section of the ringroad it's pointless.

My sister and I were looking at some of the old photos etc of the city and we noticed something about the ones that looked the best - a distinct lack of trees in general and certainly mature ones. In an urban setting let the architecture do the talking. I'm all for green space and trees, green corridors and the like, but can we please start thinking it through first.
As is that of CCFC, Cov Rugby, Blaze..... - in fact any sporting club or business in general. If it's not going to get sales/bums on seats and good PR they won't bother doing it - full stop. Sometimes (certainly with CCFC) it's a box-ticking exercise as it's something they're contractually obliged by the league to do.
The Wasps rugby club are vile and their community work is in pursuit of economic objectives over anything else.
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