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City of Culture 2021 | Wish List

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So, with a few years to plan and execute, what are your suggestions for potential projects based around our City of Culture 2021 success? Maybe you have ideas for art installations or things that commemorate Coventry. Perhaps there are aspects of Coventry's history you feel could be better promoted or new ideas to really put entertainment on the map. And what about the community? Are there ways that this award can kickstart some of the more challenged areas of the city?
Buildings - What would be on your list of priorities to bring some of the above to fruition? Do we need to consider the offerings that already exist in the city at places such as Warwick Uni Arts Centre and consolidate funds in a way that are less immediately tangible such as supporting youth groups and culture for years to come? Space - with a lot of the space in the city centre already marked for development, would we have enough land within the ring road to build something like a 3500 capacity entertainment arena being constructed in Hull? I'd really appreciate people's comments and ideas, and who knows, there could be something Skyscrapercity folk can contribute to the party. Let's get involved!
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I'd love to see Coventry City return to the city centre and I think the Butts is the perfect location and could be made to a suitable capacity. This would help massively in the regeneration of that area if it was to include other leisure facilities, the restoration of pubs, encourage small businesses etc..

Not really attached to the city of culture status I know, but its top of my wish list for Coventry.

Even though I'm a Villa fan and live in Solihull!
I'm not from Cov, and I'm not a Sky Blue, but I loved going to Highfield Road, a proper old school central ground, moving out was the biggest mistake in the Sky Blues history.

What's happened to the club since then has been one disaster to the next, but the loss of a home for me leaves the door of opportunity ajar. Funding from the city of culture status, council and the club, coupled with the fantastic support the team has, could/should see them return to Coventry proper.

As an outsider I was simply looking at the possibilities and the Butts Arena does stand out. Jonny you are much more knowledgeable than me, and I guess it's a case of your home or your club, I'm not sure what the alternatives are around the ring road? Football grounds and fans arent what they were, look at the london clubs. Stamford Bridge is hardly detrimental to the Borough of Chelsea, or the Emirates to Islington. Here we'd be talking about a 10k stadium to begin with, it wouldnt be drastically different to the current Butts Arena (just extended to the 3 other sides). As I said, transport infrastructure improvements, growth in small business, caterers, pubs etc... and further leisure facilities incorporated in or alongsid ethe arena would surely outweigh the negative of a large crowd once a fortnight during the winter.
Agreed, it's not really feasible. All sorts of infrastructure issues relating to parking/transportation/safety for larger football crowds. There would be huge local opposition to any plans to expand this site for anything but rugby, not least because of the new retirement complex behind the Butts which houses infirm and people with health issues as well as regular elderly members of society. It's one thing having the occasional chant of 'Coventry' from 1000-2000 rugby goers, it's another having the vociferous sort of noise and activity associated with footy and potentially 8000-10000 individuals descend on Earlsdon. It's a none-starter for me especially given the relationship between the Council (who still have an active interest in the terms of the lease and how it operates) and SISU. I'm a sky blues fan but live in Earlsdon and definitely would get a bit nimby about it. Just being honest.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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