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City of Culture 2021 | Wish List

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So, with a few years to plan and execute, what are your suggestions for potential projects based around our City of Culture 2021 success? Maybe you have ideas for art installations or things that commemorate Coventry. Perhaps there are aspects of Coventry's history you feel could be better promoted or new ideas to really put entertainment on the map. And what about the community? Are there ways that this award can kickstart some of the more challenged areas of the city?
Buildings - What would be on your list of priorities to bring some of the above to fruition? Do we need to consider the offerings that already exist in the city at places such as Warwick Uni Arts Centre and consolidate funds in a way that are less immediately tangible such as supporting youth groups and culture for years to come? Space - with a lot of the space in the city centre already marked for development, would we have enough land within the ring road to build something like a 3500 capacity entertainment arena being constructed in Hull? I'd really appreciate people's comments and ideas, and who knows, there could be something Skyscrapercity folk can contribute to the party. Let's get involved!
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How about moving the Jaguar Heritage Trust from Gaydon into a new museum in Coventry? There is plenty of space behind the Transport Museum for something impressive. Maybe even rebuild the Transport Museum while your at it.

A decent looking building and the new Jaguar displays would give the whole museum national significance. At the moment it feels a bit regional.
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