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City of Heroes, Surabaya

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This thread is to show our Surabaya pics
City that developing and growth soo fast located in east java and also as their capital

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Dude, looking at the picture it seems that, after all these years, Plaza BRI is still the only Grade-A office building in Surabaya.
teddybear said:
^Wisma Dharmala...
I know this building. A lot of office spaces there are empty because potential tenants don't like the weird floor configuration.

IMHO Surabaya deserves at least another real office building like Plaza BRI.
teddybear said:
Weird floor configuration?? Is it because of the market demand for office is weak but floor configuration?? The rent is so cheap! could get US$11/square meter!
True, demand for office in Surabaya is weak, but Wisma BII (at Jl Pemuda) has much better occupancy rate even though it's more expensive. Believe me, when you look for office space you dont' want inefficient floor, because in the end, you're paying for it.

Another reason for its unpopularity: the area around Dharmala is used as "Pasar Malam", so it can get pretty smelly in there.
AsIaBoYz said:
Here's the office building im talking about:

Graha Sa
When I was in Graha SA, I saw a lot of sick and disabled people in the lobby and in the elevator. I think it's because there are sinshe office or places selling herb medicines in there? I've got nothing against sick and disabled, but I felt like I was in a hospital. Or maybe I was there at the wrong time? Besides, location is a little off, since Gubeng is not exactly Basuki Rahmat.
teddybear said:
AsiaBoyz, that Graha-SA is also own by Dharmala? Hmm...

firmanhadi, where you live? you seems to know about that Pasar Malam. True.. but I think that Pasar has to be moved. It suppose not to be there, in the middle of the city.

The area in Urip Simoharjo and Embong Malang seriously needs fixing. The alleys and slums and dirty wet market should be moved out... and that is the problem...
I live in Chicago. I used to make a lot of trips to Surabaya, so I know the "golden triangle" quite well.

You're right, that activity doesn't belong in the middle of CBD. I hope they clean up that area and the "premans" that protect it.

BTW, whatever happen to that empty lot at the corner of Pemuda and Yos Sudarso? I heard someone was going to build an office tower there.
teddybear said:
interesting to see that you live in Chicago... I live in Vancouver...
Vancouver has a really mild weather. I wish we have that in Chicago. :)
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