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City of Heroes, Surabaya

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This thread is to show our Surabaya pics
City that developing and growth soo fast located in east java and also as their capital

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Graha Wonokoyo

An office building using a colonial architectural approach because of its conservational site locaton. It is designed to rise upward gradually with two of the front floors allocated as the reception building following the typical colonial architecture widely found in this area. The 3 stories high middle part serves as a transitional structure from colonial to modern style, is also used for a hall with a gallery and collective meeting room. Lying lengthwise from north to south is a 11 stories tower, which is located at the back of the compound. The tower is considered as the climax of this complex.
The rich colonial style can be found on its composition, wall, and glass proportion, as well as an energy cutback concept, known as OTTV (Overall Thermal Transfer Value). This value is employed throughout the building for the design of the conditioned wall and glass in the exterior like AC system. According to the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) by the Energy Development Division of the Ministry of Mining and Energy, the energy consumption standard for a hi rise office building should not exceed 200 kwh/m2/year.
To reduce the sun radiation effect from east to south, the window details on those sides of the facade are fashioned using neo-classical element, which also help trim down the size of the glass. Considering the high level of radiation from north and west compared to other directions (North: 40-100 kwh/m2, West: 80-120 kwh/m2 and South: 30-40 kwh/m2, East: 40-50 kwh/m2), high performance glass with a low shading coeffiecient is chosen to lessen the cooloing load of the AC system. Complementing this is the natural lightning from open space illumination, at an average 10,000 lux for Indonesian area. The AC system uses the Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) schematic, that enables independent adjustment on each floor, which results in a reduction of building operational costs.
Materials for the facade are chsen meticulously to reduce the heat inside the room. These include a combination of metal cladding and V-cool coated high performance glass in the west side, as well as granite and aluminium panels in the reception building. The layout of Graha Wonokoyo closely follows the concepts elaborated above and is divided into 3 zones. The west side acts as a thermal barrier, therefore, used as a reception area, a meeting room and public service. The north one is used as outdoor room for AC units, pantry and filling room. The main zone lies in the south and east side.

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Apartment Buildings in Surabaya (excluding West Surabaya)

Taman Sejahtera

Regensi Condominium
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Hotels in Surabaya

Sheraton Hotel

Hotel Santika

Radisson Hotel

Mercure Grand Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel

Sahid Hotel

Weta Hotel

Simpang Hotel

Ibis Hotel

Tunjungan Hotel

Elmi Hotel

see on its separate post
Hyatt Regency
see on its separate post
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Hyatt Regency Surabaya

Jl Jend Basuki Rakhmat 106-128 Surabaya, 60271, East Java, Indonesia

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Plaza Tunjungan complex

Sogo, and Plaza Tunjungan IV

Sheraton Hotel and Regensi Condominium

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Graha Galaxy

This building is owned by PT Sinar Galaxy Surabaya, who owns Galaxy Mall. The tower stands out 30 m high from its elite neighborhood and lays on a 2520 sq m site. It's located on Jl Kertajaya Indah and completed.

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Medan Pemuda Building and Surabaya Stock Exchange

Surabaya Stock Exchange or Bursa Efek Surabaya is located inside this building.

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Apartment Buildings in the West Surabaya

Puri Darmo

Graha Famili

Puri Matahari
shown in the next post

Taman Beverly
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Puri Matahari Residence

The design articulation of this project is centrifugal. It stars from inside to outside, from room requirements to facades. Hence, there are no specific forms to feature in the building except that all rooms within are a little larger than the ordinary ones. The overall facades adopts New York skyscrapers' style that is represented here through slender aluminium frames. Besides to achieve different attitude, such as an installation is meant to provide canopies for each frame. Frames on the wall are set back to avoid direct exposure to the sun.
Anticipating tropical climate, the architect did few tasks beginning with selecting the right building orientation. The North-South axis is chosen to avoid frontal confrontation with sun track.
All 170 units apartment is using double insulation technology on the walls to maintainthe building temperature. On the ground floor to the sixth the walls covered by land stones whereas the rest of floors covered by dryvit panel, a layering of sterofoam in 11 cms thick. Both of these materials are installed with dry systemn techniqueusing iron frames as the support.
Outdoor units of AC equipment are covered by specific grills that correspond to the overall facade. Due to their heat, these units are placed in a distance from the living units and maintained through a catwalk.
The building is also equipped with Building Evacuation System, which is pre-programmed by computer. In that sence, the computer will account the time limit of evacuation and arrange it.

The entrance

View from Bukit Darmo Golf

View from Jl Mayjen HR Mohammad

Tennis Court

Lily Pond
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Does anyone know about this building??

location : Embong Sawo - Surabaya
structure : Reinforced Concrette ( 4 stories 1 basement )
total floor area : 3.800 m2

location : Surabaya _ East Java
structure : Reinforced Concrette (9 stories 2 basement)
total floor area : 6.800 m2
design completion : May 1996
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