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City of Heroes, Surabaya

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This thread is to show our Surabaya pics
City that developing and growth soo fast located in east java and also as their capital

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Still flooding this time
Majapahit Hotel
(Named Yamamoto Hotel before... remember the story behind this hotel??)

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Thx us_lukman for the info
Our forumer usually also find information from that site

Dont forget to intro urself here
When that building finished built??
Thx EastBoy...
No wonder when I'm in Manyar Kertoarjo back in 2002 I cant remember this building
I'm planning to use this airport next month
I'll try to take some pics if I can
So we have

Enjoy Jakarta & Sparkling Surabaya
Which one have bigger size
PTC or TP?
41 - 60 of 508 Posts
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