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City of Heroes, Surabaya

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This thread is to show our Surabaya pics
City that developing and growth soo fast located in east java and also as their capital

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awesome pix! that church is huge ..............
Central Surabaya 2000/2001 :

FEO singapore is planning to put a project in tunjungan area, may be apartment. Perhaps, it will appear in the picture.

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Well, will it be on the planned Galeria Tunjungan or ex Metro store? Will you please post it on Surabaya project if you find it? Thanks!
us_lukman, are you in Surabaya now?
Some places in Surabaya

I'm somewhere in a city in New York state. So far from Surabaya...
WTC Surabaya

Mc Donald's

Budi Mulia Hospital

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Building in Surabaya

BII Building

BCA Surabaya

Citibank Surabaya

Graha Sa
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Bank Pacific Building

Buildings in Embong Malang Street

Taman Surya

Art Galery in Balai Pemuda

Plaza Tunjungan
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Vital places

Pasar Atom

Pasar Turi Train Station

Provincial Police Headquarters

Bank Indonesia
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I think Surabaya not nice city ? not so many nice building..
And the city look like ditry ? maybe....
Is Surabaya the secong big city from Indonesia ?
Yep, it the second big city. The skyline is a shame tho... blame it to centralize government system..
Grahadi and surrounding area

The entrance

From Kalimas River


The front view

From the street across Grahadi

Grahadi at midnite

The park across Grahadi

The statue inside the park
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View from Shangri-La Hotel

Graha Pena is seen from the zoo

Novotel is seen from the zoo

Surabaya from the high

Surabaya business district skyline

West of Surabaya is seen from the zoo

View from Indosat Building

View from Graha Pena

Surabaya Zoo
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Universities in Surabaya

Widya Mandala


University of Surabaya

Petra University
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Shopping places in Surabaya

Pakuwon Trade Center

Plaza Tunjungan


Indo Plaza
I never heard any news about this place lately

Plaza Surabaya
At the nite time

On the sketch

Galaxy Mall
It is located in Dharmahusada Indah Timur 37, East Surabaya.

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Surabaya look amazing , im in love with the city ;)
i think most of my Indonesian friends in the U.S. come from this city. nice:)
Good to see Surabaya pictures. I wonder where you got them... since they are difficult to get in the internet??
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