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City of Heroes, Surabaya

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This thread is to show our Surabaya pics
City that developing and growth soo fast located in east java and also as their capital

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where is that building own by Sinar Galaxy located? Cause it is new and I never see it.
Amazing how you could get all these difficult to find pictures of Sby!
If you can find the original rendering of TP IV. I believe it is super difficult! I saw the original rendering on Jawapos back in 1996.
They originally want to build a 4 star hotel on top of the current TP IV. But the crisis came and they just cancel / postpone it indefinitely...
Thanks for all the posting!
it jus like infront my house at sby. :)
it at manyar kerta adi there. nearby calvados cafe.
us_lukman said:
This building is owned by PT Sinar Galaxy Surabaya, who owns Galaxy Mall. The tower stands out 30 m high from its elite neighborhood and lays on a 2520 sq m site.
When that building finished built??
around december 2005, it's like 95% done.
should be 100% fully finished by now.
Thx EastBoy...
No wonder when I'm in Manyar Kertoarjo back in 2002 I cant remember this building
This is a beautiful pic of Surabaya..thanks. :)
us_lukman said:
Just like jakarta in mid 80's :D
us_lukman said:
The E2 construction looming big in the background, combination of the mall and the Adistana Apt.
Bukit Zaitun Church

..and WTC Surabaya
Does anyone know about this building??

location : Embong Sawo - Surabaya
structure : Reinforced Concrette ( 4 stories 1 basement )
total floor area : 3.800 m2

location : Surabaya _ East Java
structure : Reinforced Concrette (9 stories 2 basement)
total floor area : 6.800 m2
design completion : May 1996

this city has potential
121 - 140 of 508 Posts
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