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Presenting the CITY OF MAIDUGURI

Location of Maiduguri

City Backround Information

Maiduguri, city, northeastern Nigeria, capital of Borno State. Since 1964 Maiduguri has been the terminus of the eastern branch railroad from Jos. The city consists of a trade center, dealing in cotton, grains, nuts, cassava, livestock, gum arabic, and lumber; and the densely populated native quarter of Yerwa, on the north. Other industries include meat packing, rail repair, and the manufacture of leather goods and perfume. In 1908 the city became capital of the former Bornu Province. It is the site of the University of Maiduguri (1975). Population (2005 estimate) around 1.1 million.

Borno State backround Information

Borno State is a state in north-eastern Nigeria. Its capital is Maiduguri (sometimes known as 'Yerwa').

The state was formed in 1976 by the split of the North-Eastern State. Until 1991 it contained what is now Yobe State.

The state is dominated by the Kanuri ethnic group, and is an example of the endurance of traditional political institutions in some areas of Africa. There, the emirs of the former Kanem-Bornu Empire have played a part in the politics of this area for nearly 1000 years. The current dynasty gained control in the early nineteenth century and was supported by the British, who prevented a military defeat for the group and established a new capital for the dynasty at Maiduguri in 1905, which remains the capital to this day. After Nigerian independence in 1960, Borno remained fairly autonomous until the expansion of the number of states in Nigeria to 12 in 1967. Local government reform in 1976 further reduced the amount of power the emirs of the former dynasty had, and by the return of Nigeria to civilian rule in 1979, the emir's jurisdiction has been restricted solely to cultural and traditional affairs. Today, the emirs still exist, and serve as advisers to the local government.

Entry to Emir´s Palace

Construction of Maiduguri´s central Mosque

road to Maiduguri

Any major traffic confluence sporting a roundabout almost invariably had one of these abstract concrete thingies on it.

city outskirts

Maiduguri´s Very Old City gate

roads within Maiduguri

a hotel in Maiduguri

Emir of Maiduguri

newly constructed Radio TV Station of Borno

stay inn under construction

State Secretariat

people of Maiduguri

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these pics are not what i was expecting. nice.
these pics are not what i was expecting. nice.
Me too. I think the country with its vast natural resources can do better than that.
Maiduguri central Mosque

Shehu of Borno Palace

Kidney Centre In Maiduguri

Bauchi Bank Road


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Hmm, Very Nice looking hospital they got there:cheers:
Courtesy of

Legacy Housing Estate

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