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City of Perfection-Boca Raton

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OK, so no pics here but hopefully someone will post some. Boca Raton, the city inspired by Addison Mizner is never seen on SSC. Can somebody put a good spread on here, please! There is a lot of consruction going on here, :) dowtown Boca is beginning to take shape and we have very strict design standards. Most buildings have to reflect a Mizner look. I would also like to see some pics of the general area. Can any of our local forumers do a nice spread??
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Yeah, some pics would be great. I haven't personally been there in about 7 or 8 years now. It would be nice to see what it looks like, and what has been growing there.
Yea, great - strict restriction to fit one "look" - that makes a place nice. I have heard much of Boca, but every time I have been there I come away thinking , ok rich people but then so what? So if someone can post some pics to show me what I am missing, I would be much obliged.
^I wasn't going to bring that up, but the uniformity would indeed bother me. School uniforms are bad enough... But uniforms for dt structures?
And buildings that don't comply have to stand in the corner.
Conformity in cities create more people like Andres Duany. No way!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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