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City to live, city to visit.

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Apart from your home city or where you've spent most of your life, what city would you live in?

Also what is your favourite city to visit.

If i didn't live in Sydney i'd probably live in London.

My favourite city to visit is probably New York.
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If I didnt live in London I would choose either New York, Hong Kong or Tokyo (cant decide between these three). Also wouldnt mind living in Moscow or Paris but not as much as the first three

To visit, Melbourne
I wouldn't mind living in Tokyo or Melbourne.

To visit, NYC.
I wouldn't mind living in Vancouver, I'm going to live there soon!!

To visit, NYC, Paris, London, LA, Toronto, Melbourne, Tokyo, I can't pick one, but those are the cities I would return too or plan to travel too!!
I would like to live in Los angeles.. i love busy places with a young and exciting feel to it.

To visit, Montreal lots of stippers n bars n sounds fun, new york, frankfurt.
living in Barcelona... visiting Tokio or Rome!
live: london
visit: new york

new york and london are about the same size but i found NY to be far more of a rat race than london.
im living in the philippines, iloilo in particular and im quite happy here but i would love to live in geneva, but i don't think i can stand cold weather. milan will be nice too. but i'll choose something warmer, bali that is, its exotic too, the beach, the gardens and all. :eek2:
If I didn't live in Hong Kong, it'd have to be London.

Visit: Paris, Rome and New York.
Live :
now - Sydney or Auckland (But..To live in there, I must study English more), Frankfurt
when I am old - Fukaido, a countryside in New Zealand, some islands of Aegean Sea

Visit :
now - New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Pyeongyang, Venice, Vietnam, central Africa(if not dangerous)
when I am old - Reikyavik,Iceland
Live: New York
Visit: Tokyo
Live: having fun in TOKYO while i can, then SINGAPORE to settle down when i'm much older.
Visit: New York, Hong Kong, Rome
Live now in Amsterdam, would not mind to live in Montréal, Paris (maybe a bit too expensive?) or Stockholm.
Visit: Montreál, Paris, Stockholm :)
live in Roma and visitin Tokyo or Buenos Aires
Live: Doha
Visit: Dubai
Live: New York.

Visit (of the places I've never been): Hong Kong.
Live: Tokyo
Visit: HK,NYC,Shanghai and Seoul.
Today i live in Stockholm, Sweden. My dream is to live in Sydney or Melbourne i can't decide witch is more younger and similar to the european style.

To visit definetly New York, Florida (Miami) and the whole Europe especially (Greece or Poland).
^ And the moment you ask someone, you'll start a huge debate.

I'm very content with living in Melbourne, and I've got some medium-term intentions (that will probably never be realised) to spend some time in the South Island of New Zealand.
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