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Civitas Tower Refurbishment - Pretoria

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This 31f tower was built in 1973. It was falling apart, a huge eyesore. Lifts werent working, pipes burst and flooded the building's offices at one stage. Now she is a real Cinderella, standing pround once again...
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Fantastic! An amazing improvement!
This is the beginning of big things for the Pretoria CBD. The Civitas tower is first to be completed. The New National Library is accross the road. The Education department will build their new offices here as well. Munitoria (the fugly half-destroyed municipal offices) will be leveled to make way for new offices, linking all of this to Sammy Marks shopping centre, the soon to be refurbished Square, State Theatre and the Reserve Bank.

It is an entire government precinct, with all national departments being clustered around the CBD area. Most are in dire need of new space, so buildings will be renovated, reconfigured, demolished. Re kgabisa Tswhane.

Pity about the Foreign affairs department. it is moving to the outskirts of the city. Oh, ABSA is building a multi-million rand campus towards the northern side of the cbd as well. This area needs the lift.

Well, this (the civitas) is still my favorite though.
when will it be finished? it does look like a massive change! who owns it?
what did it look like before. I love the before and after on extream makeover
Look on the Pretoria cbd pics, taken from the union buildings. Civitas is the only tower to the right of the pic. It was fugly. The government owns it...
whats the point of a government highrise?? Very surprised they would bother redoing it. yeah, put a before and after together!!
I know this building its HUGE, I thought it was UNISA at first ( coz I didnt know where UNISA was, & it was dark)

Looking good
whats the point of a government highrise?? Very surprised they would bother redoing it. yeah, put a before and after together!!

The point of a government highrise is that you can have all your various departments in one building. In stead of renting out several buildings over a vast area. Doing this saves time and money. The government has always been occupying high-rise buildings, even during the "good" old days. In fact, many of pretoria's fugly high-rises were built by the old government. So because a government office employs just as many (in SA's case more) people than normal businesses, high-rises makes sense. The Civitas tower has always been a government department. Or would you rather they stay in little huts on the outskirts of the city?

The reason for redoing Civitas?

Simple: It was a danger to its occupants. Lifts weren't working (due to age).
Pipes leaked. It flooded at one stage, and documentation was lost. It was cheaper to refurbish it though, than to build a new office space somewhere else. Its all about economics in the end I guess.

And government departments in pretoria have stated that they are for the CBD, and that all departments will be clustered here, apart from forreign affairs, which is closer to the embassies. It is the same principle as with the Gauteng Provincial department in Jozi. Only, pretoria is home to the national departments. So, in short, a high-rise in an area with cheaper rents to anywhere else in the city makes complete economic and strategic sense.
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thanx for your hut comment
Well, according to me many of the office parks on the outskirts of the city might just as well be little "kraals" with huts - albeit tuscan themed huts!
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