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Classical Architecture of K A R A C H I , Pakistan - Hardly seen Pictures !

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All the following are materials of Swerveut and belong to him

Karachi was a small fishing village before it was incorporated into the British Empire on 3rd Feburary 1839. This is the turning point that converted this sleepy fishing village into a bustling megapolitan city in a matter of a century and a half.

The British recognized the importance of the Karachi harbor and developed into a port city for the produce of North India. Consequently, Karachi experienced a great boom of buisness and industry and was a prime economic city even before the independence of Pakistan. Population and buisness activity in the city blossomed rapidly in the city in its early days, and still continues to do so which is a testament to the enormous potential of the city.

Since Karachi developed very rapidly in the days of the British empire, it is very rich in classical heritage that is slowly crumbling away.

The Frere Hall

With venetian gothic architecture, the Frere Hall Library is the most readily recognizable classical landmark of Karachi

St. Patrick's Cathedral

The Karachi Port Trust

This building with neo-classical rennaisance architecture stands out on the port side of Karachi. During the World War II, it was converted into a 500 bed hospital.

The Dayaram Jethmal Science College

The Karachi Municipal Corporation Building

The Karachi Municipal Corporation (defunct) building is probably the crown jewel of colonial era architecture in the city. It is made out of local gizri sandstone with a jodhpur red sandstone facing. The architecture is Anglo-mogul. The clock tower was made to commemorate the visit of King George V. Currently, this building and its surroundings are in a massive state of degradation and it needs urgent renovation efforts.

An old Dispensary near the Port

Now has a modern hospital designed around it.

The Mereweather Memorial Tower

This gothic architecture tower, was built to commemorate the illustrious service of a prominent civil servant of Karachi.

The Sindh Madarssah tul Islam

This illustrious institution has been the alma mater of many prominent historic personalities in Pakistani and subcontinental history.

The Victoria Museum

This building of the old Victoria Museum currently houses the Karachi branch of the Pakistan Supreme Court.

The State Bank of Pakistan Library

The Mohatta Palace Museum

This beautiful building served as a residency of Miss Fatima Jinnah. Now it houses a museum.

Clifton Pavillion and Kothari Parade

The Kothari Parade was a generous public gift by a prominant citizen and philanthropist of Karachi, Jehangir Kothari. The landmark extends towards the shore along the decorated architectural pathway

The Empress Market

This very famous and very very misused landmark is an architectural jewel of Karachi since its early days. Currently, a crowded wholesale market marrs its beautiful architecture.

The Hindu Gymkhana

Currently, this building has been converted into a performing arts center

Jinnah Courts Hostels

presently the Rangers Headquarters

Beaufort Building

currently under threat of destruction.

The Sindh High Court

Neo-classical architecture, made from red jodhpur sandstone

The Karachi Chamber of Commerce 1

Building 1 has a neo-classical styling

The Karachi Chamber of Commerce 2

Building 2 has a mughal gothic style of architecture. This building is also under urgent threat from unchecked construction and disrepair.

The Karachi Cantonment Station

Karachi Cotton Exchange

The Chapel at the St. Joseph's Convent School

The St. Joseph's Convent College

The Trinity Church

The Trinity Church Karachi whose bell tower used to function as a lighthouse in the early days of Karachi (two upper storeys of the tower were later removed due to foundation weaknesses):

Old City Jail

This building on M. A. Jinnah Rd, once housed the Karachi city jail. Now it is a courthouse.

[b]The Quaid e Azam (Jinnah) House in front of Avari Towers:


Indus Valley Building

This colonial era building was relocated and reconstructed by the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture from somewhere in Saddar to its campus premises

The Elphinstone Street in Saddar

Building of the former Shipping Agency (now houses the Saudi Pak Bank)

The Sind Club

The St. Andrews Church in Saddar

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Yeah, impressive! Thanks! The "The Sindh Madarssah tul Islam" is specially interesting!
Nice architectural beauties
Preservation of these structures is'nt actually bad
What are the christian churches use for now a days?
I had no idea there would be so many churches.
These churches are enjoyed by 3 million christains in pak

These are just historical churches, there are many more in the city

I assume that those structures were built by the British before partition in 1947. Is that correct.
By brightside
More historic pictuers of Karachi. Whenever known, I've put the year the image was taken above it.



Map of Karachi from 1889

Empress Market 1890

Map of Karachi, 1893

Late 1800s

view of the Bunder Road (now M. A. Jinnah Rd.) The Max Denso Hall (completed 1886) can be seen in this picture. Karachi, Sind, Pakistan

Bunder Road, 1900

Farewell arch erected by the Karachi Port for the Royal visit of King George V, 1906

British family at Elphinstone St.

Cool pics, no?
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By syedahsaninam

Napier Mole Bridge to Keamari (1900)

Bird's eye view with Napier Barracks (1900)

Roman Catholic Church (1900)

The Empress Market (1900)

Keamari Wharf (1900)

Karachi Gymkhana (1900)

Passenger Landing Pier (1900)

Edaljee Dinshaw Charitable Dispensary (1900)

Sind Club (1900)

Bird's eye view Suddar Bazaar (1900)

Trinity Church (1900)

Frere Hall (1900)

Scotch Church [St Andrew's Church] (1900)

Native Jetty (1900)

Bird's eye view, Clifton Road (1900)

Trans-Lyari Market (1900)

Bird's eye view (with General Hospital) (1900)

Govt. Garden Fountain (1900)

Frere Street, Suddar Bazaar (1900)

Clerk Street, Suddar Bazaar (1900)

Bird's eye view Victoria Road (1900)

Karachi city street view (1900)

Bird's eye view - Artillery Lines (1900)

Pupils in classroom in the Anglo-Vernacular School (1873)

General view of the Anglo-Vernacular School (1873)
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By brightside.

Not sure if these have been posted yet or not.

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The MereWeather Memorial Tower

Karachi Tram circa 1946

One of the familiar, (and very noisy) trams that used to operate between Soldier Bazaar and Keamari docks. A tram service was first introduced to Karachi in 1885 by the East India Tramway Company. The first tracks were laid from the Napier Mole bridge to Keamari and later extended throughout the city and cantonment. The service from the Cantonment Railway Station to Soldier Bazaar ran past our house in Fraser Road, (215 E.I Lines). All gone now.

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb...oddington/album_5/slides/karachi tram 4a.html

The following photo is courtesy of Zain Yoonas. It shows a tram on Bandar Road (now M.A.Jinnah Road) in 1933.

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Elphinstone Street, now called Zaib-un-nisa Street in 1920-30s.

Street Scene of M.A Jinnah road in 1964

Street scene of saddar in 1969

Street Scene of Bandar Road(now M.A Jinnah) in 1969
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