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Cleaner Desalinisation plant

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22nd March 2005: A world first has been achieved at the Henderson marine base in Western Australia, with the launch of an Australian designed and built and British backed wave energy generator to sit on the sea floor and produce electricity and fresh water with no fossil fuel input.

CETO has dual capability to produce power or fresh water and in desalination mode the prototype is expected to produce about 300,000 litres of fresh water per day.

So what do ya think? Australia is a land skirt by sea...water for everyone. :cheers:
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Malt said:
thats an excellent idea.

you could say the water is cleaning itself. HHAHAHA
thats not really funny but oh well :)

I would support one of those over here. well done Perth
There is also pressure to develop a desalination plant to get the salt out of wellington damn.
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