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Memorial day weekend in C-town.

Our Downtown mall, Tower City

Hard Rock Cafe Guitar

RISE UP!!!!!



Quicken Loans Arena

A cut away view of the Red line

What a shame

One of John D. Rockefeller's Standard Oil company's vintage gas stations.

Storefront rehab

Traffic jam headed towards the Mirage on the Water Night club and the West Bank of the Flats.

Right on Target

This building starred in the film Antoine Fisher. The Alhambra Apartments.

Across 105th street

B&M's is good for you!

Unique roof.

Another new school

Goodbye from Cleveland!

Go Cavs!!

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in the picture with the 2 people sittin in the bus stop shelter or whatever it is...

Maybe they should put a garbage can there, but I dunno.. just a thought.
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